Find the Right Insurance Programs for a Vape Shop

vape shop insurance programs

Shop owners involved in the growing vaporizer or e-cigarette industry may be interested in vape shop insurance programs. Nicotine delivery devices and supplies are relatively recent inventions and sales are age-restricted. These factors give rise to unique exposures to risk and liabilities.

The Unique Exposures of Vape Shops

Shops that specialize in vaporizer devices and supplies can be considered hard-to-place risks by many commercial insurance providers. A specialized provider can offer vape shop insurance programs for these unique exposures, including coverage for investigation and proof in cases involving exploding batteries and other known risks.

Business, Liability, and Property Coverage

Vape shops are unique businesses in some ways, but are also commercial operations like any other. Standard business coverage like commercial general liability insurance and property insurance are likely needed. The best provider should be capable of covering them in their entirety.

Additional Insurance Programs

Vape shop owners should contact an insurance provider specializing in this line of business for options available through vape shop insurance programs. It may be possible to obtain standalone property insurance or a range of limits.

Look for a provider familiar with the common needs and unique exposures of this line of business. The right level of coverage can ensure that owners can operate with confidence.