How to Find a Charity Insurance Agent

Insurance Charities

Insurance for charities is all but essential for making sure that non-profit organizations run smoothly and don’t encounter crippling financial difficulties. Even small organizations devoted to working for the greater good can run into legal problems related to accidents on the part of the charity or other major expenses.

Choosing an insurance for charities agent can present a challenge since this is a relatively small insurance niche. However, finding the right agent is important because it ensures you get the bust possible policy for the cost. Here’s what to look for.


Make sure the agent has experience working with charities. Creating a policy for a non-profit is much different than creating one for an individual or even a for-profit business and it helps to have someone who knows what’s needed.

Risk Management

Find out if the agent provides risk management information. Risk management gives ideas to make your organization safer and more secure, lowering the cost of your insurance premiums in the bargain.


Make sure the agent seems interested in you and your business. Choose an agent who you know will have enough time to devote to your policy, not one who is already overloaded with other clients.

If you are unsure of how to begin looking for an insurance agent, consider contacting an agency that specializes in insurance for charities.


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