Executive Protection Portfolio Kidnap/Ransom Coverage For The Workplace

The unfortunate truth about the world today is that you cannot turn on the news without hearing a devastating story that may include kidnap, ransom, or extortion. Although you might run a low risk business, the chance of kidnap and ransom is always present. Through an executive protection portfolio kidnap/ransom insurance policy, you can rest assured that the financial demands associated with such an unfortunate situation will be met.

Executive Protection Portfolio Kidnap/RansomPossible Coverage

Because each business is different and each company has different needs than the next, an executive protection portfolio kidnap/ransom policy can be tailored to your needs as a company. Some of the possible coverage that could be included in your package are:

  • Coverage for ransom payments.
  • Coverage for rewards to find the missing person.
  • Compensation for wages lost while someone deals with the crisis.
  • Compensation for travel and lodging during a search.
  • Coverage for legal fees associated with kidnap, ransom, or extortion.
  • Coverage for medical bills as a result of physical and psychological harm that occurred during the ordeal.
  • Compensation for funeral costs if the victim is killed.

Because kidnapping, ransom, and extortion are such random acts, it is impossible to be completely prepared for the situation. The good news is that with an executive protection portfolio kidnap/ransom policy in place, you can be better prepared and feel confident that you can meet all the financial needs if such an unfortunate situation does take place.