Ensure Cargo Is Protected by Working with an Insurance Agent

Cargo Insurance Quote

The days when goods were available only to select markets are no more; no matter what it is or where it is manufactured, most any item can be shipped from anywhere to anywhere–for a price, of course. Keeping costs down is always a concern of any shipper. Just as important, though, is getting protection for the shipment, because anything can happen in transit. A good cargo insurance quote can help offer peace of mind, especially when you consider the following:

Stuff happens when you least expect it

While it’s true that the transit industry transports goods more safely and efficiently today than ever before, there remain many ways and opportunities for items to get damaged along the way.

Damaged goods are your headache

If you are the shipper or consignee, damaged goods are likely your responsibility to deal with, particularly with regard to international shipping, where liability laws tend to favor the carrier rather than the shipper (in order to promote international trade). Reduce the risk of broken or otherwise damaged goods by packing securely, and work with your insurance agent to ensure you have the right coverage so you’re not left holding the bag. Getting expert guidance here is key, because this type of policy often does not have rigid guidelines on requirements; all-risk policies are available (however, some exclusions may apply) and can typically be tailored to meet your specific needs, shielding you from the risks that you are most likely to face.

Ensuring you have the right coverage

As your agent will emphasize, it is critical that you be the picture of transparency when it comes to disclosing to your insurance company the details concerning your shipment–everything from type of item to be shipped, its worth, the method of conveyance, and any other important details that could have an impact on the degree of risk that the provider would assess, or the amount of the cargo insurance quote you receive.

Work with an experienced professional insurance agent to help ensure that your goods get to their destination and all along the way are protected in the event of the unexpected.