Domestic Freight Forwarders and the Question of Liability

Domestic Freight Forwarder Liability

Liability is a question in every action you take, especially when it comes to managing goods that are not yours. This certainly comes into play with the hundreds of thousands of cargo trucks that trek across the United States on a daily basis and have to deal with domestic freight forwarder liability if something goes wrong.


As a cargo driver, it is important to recognize when domestic freight forwarder liability comes into play for damage or loss that occurs over the course of your journey and when you can be covered by insurance.


The first thing that determines one’s liability is the contract created by the carrier regarding the level of responsibility the driver has in terms of his cargo. Without thoroughly reading this document, you could be held accountable for damage that you thought would be covered.  Domestic freight forwarder liability insurance is also only covers cargo when it is physically in transit, which can certainly lead to disputes if a mistake is made in the delivery.


However, there are several cases in which you would not be held accountable for damage made and would certainly be covered by domestic freight forwarder liability insurance such as:

  • An unanticipated storm, another type of natural disaster, or anything of this nature
  • Any warlike activity that befalls the cargo
  • If the products being shipped have any inherent traits that could easily cause them to become damaged through no fault of the carrier
  • Negligence or carelessness on behalf of the shipper
  • An act of public authority, where the police or other government agency takes possession of the cargo for whatever reason

It is always important to be aware of your rights as a company and as a consumer and know when and why you should or should not be held liable for damages, especially when the items in question are not yours. Being aware of policies regarding domestic freight forwarder liability can only serve to benefit you in the long run.


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