Distracted Drivers and New Jersey Commercial Auto Insurance

new jersey commercial auto insurance

Never mind the slew of distractions that a driver once faced from foul weather to arguing children in the backseat, since the advent of smartphones motorists have become their own worst enemy. This has created a real challenge for the driver as well as making them a danger to others with whom share the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that distraction and inattention contribute to nearly a third of reported automobile crashes. Your new jersey commercial auto insurance will pay for any damages, but fatalities cannot be fixed with an insurance policy.

Managing So Many Distractions

Drivers, particularly younger drivers, can’t resist sending or answering a text while behind the wheel. They simply don’t consider the consequences of their actions. It only takes a second or two of taking your eyes off of the road for conditions to change and an accident to occur. A child running into the street after a ball, a driver entering the street from a driveway, or any number of instances where a clear path suddenly has an object in the path of your car and your inattentiveness suddenly spells disaster.

Regulators have rushed to deal with the flood of distractions that invade the automobile, including GPS displays, Bluetooth devices for phones, texting and e-mail, and even social network apps. Cant that post to Facebook wait until the car is stopped and the engine turned off?

While the solution continues to be in the form of mostly imposing fines and attempts at heightened awareness, there is still a growing effort by engineers to build cars that gauge the difficulty of situations and recognize a drivers inability to handle all of these stimuli.

The NHTSA has issued voluntary accessory-design guidelines in an effort to reduce distraction, but as long as newer and more engaging gadgets are being produced, managing all of these distractions will continue to be an issue. Safety groups continue to press for restrictions on phone conversations and messaging in the car, but the fact is that drivers must bear the responsibility of refraining from the use of smartphones and other gadgetry when they are supposed to be responsible, not only for their own lives, but for the lives of others.

Having New Jersey commercial auto insurance is a necessary coverage in the event you have an accident, but common sense dictates that drivers need to remove those distractions they have control over which will thereby reduce their chances of being in an accident in the first place.