Cyber-Security: An Ever Growing Threat for Law Firms

Cyber-Security: An Ever Growing Threat for Law Firms

Your computer makes your job much easier as a lawyer, but it also presents more vulnerability for you. With trade secrets, intellectual property, and corporate strategies that come into your firm through email and documentation, you have to maintain security and prevent hackers from reaching that valuable data. Ask your insurance agent if your law firm malpractice insurance covers cyber security breaches to have peace of mind.

Your insurance company knows how to address the security threats through electronic devices. If your attorneys access the firm’s network through their mobile devices without restrictions, you are extremely vulnerable to attacks, especially if a phone is stolen. Your firm needs to implement strong best practices to your electronic data, but you should consider a cyber liability policy in addition to your law firm malpractice insurance.

Don’t wait until after you’ve been hacked to find out what your law firm malpractice insurance covers after a data breach. It is expensive to clean up after a security intrusion, and you could lose clients who do not trust you any longer. The costs could cripple your business for many years, and you may never regain your reputation.

Learn how to protect the valuable information your firm handles and get insurance to cover your damages. Security breaches are increasing every year, and you don’t want your firm to be the next business on the news.


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