Creative Ways To Save Money

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When money is tight it can be very frightening. All kinds of thoughts race through your head: Will I be able to feed everyone? What will happen to my credit score if I miss a payment? Will I have enough to make it before the water gets shut off? In moments like these, think about where you can cut your costs. Sometimes it takes a little creativity, but there are some ways to easily save money each month.

Cut Cable

With streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Video, do you need an expensive cable package?

Buy Generic

Marshmallow Mateys are just as good as Lucky Charms and for half the price.

Do Free Activities

Go to the library, see live music at the park, visit a festival there is plenty of free entertainment if you look around town.

Avoid Espresso

Instead of stopping at Starbucks every morning, buy espresso beans and brew a mocha at home. It’s just as good and for pennies on the dollar.

Talk To Your Agent

If you’re afraid that you’ll miss an upcoming insurance payment, discuss the possibility of needing to write a no loss letter just in case. Check out what the pros at have to say about it.

Hang in there, friend, it gets better. Scrimping and pinching at the end of the month is not easy and can make you worry, but think of ways to help your situation and spend less.