Cover Your Marina and Protect Yourself

insurance for California marinas

Marinas offer a vast array of services for their members and, because of this, insurance for California marinas has to cover many different things. A marina consists of more than just water, piers and boats. It also includes the people, the buildings and even the physical property right up to the waters edge. What you might not know is that a marinas different insurance policies must cover all of these things.

Types of Marian Coverage

When youre looking into insurance for California marinas, there are several different kinds of coverage you should consider, such as,

  • Hull and liability coverage for your marina fleet
  • Grounds and facility coverage
  • Coverage for your members property
  • Jones Act coverage for employees who work on water
  • Coverage for any sailing school or training facility on the premises.

Get Help Choosing the Right Policy

Navigating the sea of requirements for insurance for California marinas can be a daunting task, but professional insurance brokers can help you reach your coverage port safely. Their experience and knowledge can provide you with guidance regarding the different types of insurance available. They can show you what you need and what you should have in terms of insurance coverage for your marina based on the activities your marina provides.