Cover These Key Aspects With CAA General Liability Insurance

Insurance for Community Action Agencies

Organizations that work with those in need or disadvantaged can leave themselves vulnerable if steps aren’t taken to protect the group as a whole and individuals involved. Insurance for community action agencies can be tailored specifically to the needs of non-profits. General liability insurance, in particular, can be very important in safeguarding. Here are a few reasons why general coverage is a step in the right direction.

Professional Liability

Within your agency there are likely a variety of professionals working in their respective fields to assist clients. Whether you have medical professionals, therapists and counselors, or emergency service providers on your roster, you can be assured that they and your organization are covered. While strict policies may be in place to minimize negative incidents, the agency will not be left vulnerable should an accident or mishandling of a situation occur.

Sexual and Physical Abuse Liability

Claims associated with molestation, sexual abuse and physical abuse are covered with insurance for community action agencies. This aspect of coverage helps the agency respond to the claims, provides for defense expenses, and assists in covering monetary damages that are paid.

Broad Liability

This covers a large range of the most common liabilities CAAs tend to face. Some of the general claims you may have covered include bodily injury received by employees, volunteers or guests (including incidents on the premises of agency related functions), contractual issues, property and product coverage, advertising injury coverage and a slew of other legal liabilities.

Having general liability can keep you from suffering severe financial losses in the face of a claim. Insurance for community action agencies can keep your organization covered while you keep your focus on the work.


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