Why Your Company May Need a Commercial Package Policy

commercial package policy

For many businesses there comes a time when a company grows past the point where its infrastructure, processes, and goals become obsolete. This is a concept all too familiar to many who understand that the commercial landscape is constantly changing, which also applies to a business insurance policy. Where a startup or a relatively new company may be well-served by adding several low-priced insurance coverage’s over time, an expanding and more mature company will likely require a more universal approach when it comes to protecting itself against unexpected perils. This is precisely the point where an insurance agency that deals primarily with small businesses can be of help by offering options related to a commercial package policy.

Comparing a business owners policy with a commercial package policy

Once individual insurance policies no longer do the trick, a small business owner has two choices of insurance packages available: a business owners policy and a commercial package policy. Both of them offer multiple types of policies that are bundled together, but there are some substantial differences between the two.

For example, a business owners policy is like that fast food combo meal that is perfectly suitable for people looking to save money and that only need a quick, pre-packaged insurance solution that will give them sufficient coverage. But due to the fact that a commercial package policy offers so many more options, its a much better choice in that it can be tailored to cover many important aspects of your business concerns.

When constructing your commercial package coverage’s, you can pick from several types of coverage, including product liability, general liability, and professional liability, as well as property, business income, business auto, and even employment practices or commercial umbrella, and there are other options available. Other policies that you may require, but not available within a CPP, can still be purchased as stand alone policies. So you get all the protection you need, and as your needs change you can restructure everything in a way that you need and will benefit you the most.

Speak to an agent today if you feel that you could benefit from some assistance in putting together a commercial package policy.