Common Start Up Costs for a Wine Business

Commercial Insurance Bergen County

Aspiring vintners relish the swirl of wine in the right class, sniffing deep of the richness within and creating the perfect harmony of flavors. Starting a wine business though takes hard work, passion, dedication, and money. Consider commercial insurance Bergen County as part of your startup costs.


Finding a suitable piece of land can be pricey depending on the location and acreage needed. The land needs to have enough space for the vineyard, tasting room, storage, fermentation, bottling, office and cooperate.


The wine business combines the skills of a farmer and the taste buds of a vintner. Planting, growing and harvesting grapes require specific equipment to have a good crop and efficient operation. Filling the benefits of the bottles from a bottling line. Store them in the right conditions using refrigerators and cellar equipment.


The reality is that most vineyards take a few years to reap the rewards of their efforts. Outside financing is how most get started through a traditional bank loan with the help of business credit cards, equipment loans and lines of credit.

Commercial insurance Bergen County helps protect that investment you made. Should theft, negligence or fire cause financial loss, the right insurance policy can step in and ease some of the pain. Financial loss from a lawsuit or disaster shouldn’t snuff your dreams before they become a reality.