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Three Types of Dump Trucks Needing Insurance Coverage

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Every dump truck has multiple moving parts and if any of those parts fails, the truck will not work properly. Dump truck insurance can cover broken parts from accidents or wear and tear. Western Truck Insurance Services offers a variety of coverage types and works with standard and unique dump truck configurations. Here are three dump trucks we work with and insure.

Standard Trucks

The most common type of dump truck has a hydraulic lift to pitch the bed over the back wheels. This hydraulic system can take a lot of stress, especially with very heavy or uneven loads.

Side Dump Trucks

A similar type of dump truck unloads on the side. While this means the bed does not move as far, it can cause strain on one side of the truck. Over time, axle issues can develop, which are covered with our dump truck insurance.

Roll-Off Trucks

Instead of the usual “lift and tip”, a roll-off dump truck has slots for the bed to slide off the truck completely. These slots can get warped or blocked over time, needing to be cleaned, repaired or replaced.

Get Your Truck Covered

Your dump truck is an important part of your livelihood. With dump truck insurance, you can cover accidents and maintenance. Contact our office to find out more.

8 Tips for Long-Haul Drivers

stay awake on long drives

Keeping the truck moving is how trucking companies make money, but drivers can become tired of hauls. Fortunately, there are tips that can teach you how to stay awake on long drives, so you can deliver your cargo on time, drive safely and keep your business moving.

Helpful Tips To Keep You Awake and Healthy

When you become drowsy, it affects your entire body and can lead to dangers on the road. However, there are many things you can do to keep your mind engaged and your body refreshed so you can safely make it to your destination without feeling like a zombie. Here are eight things you can do to stay awake, alert and focused while driving, especially if it’s at night:

  1. Nap before hitting the road
  2. Stay hydrated with water, not caffeine
  3. Eat healthy meals and snacks
  4. Take vitamins
  5. Switch between talk shows, music stations, and audiobooks
  6. Take a 20-minute catnap
  7. Open the windows for cold air
  8. Stretch your legs

Stay Alert When You Hit the Road

According to the information on, these tips are meant to teach you how to stay awake on long drives so you can drive safely, help your company make money and meet the delivery schedule. Now you’re ready for your next long haul drive!

4 Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium

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Owning or leasing a vehicle comes with many perks. Cars allow you to go where you want when you want. The variety of makes and models makes finding the right vehicle for your budget and needs simple. Here are some tips to lowering your expert auto insurance premiums.

Choose Higher Deductibles

One easy way to lower your premium rating and save money over time is by increasing the amount of your deductible. Choose a deductible amount that you can afford to pay in case you do get into an accident.

Check for Discounts

Good credit, good grades for students and bundling different insurance policies together are all ways you can save money. Most insurance companies offer additional discounts such as first accident forgiveness and reward those who are accident free.

Practice Defensive Driving

While you can take a defensive driving course to save money or in lieu of a ticket put on your record, defensive driving should be a part of your daily driving. Looking out for other drivers, following safety guidelines and planning for extra time on bad weather days help you avoid accidents.

Compare Collision Data

Hunting for a new car can be exciting. However, keep in mind the cost of repairs for that car in case you are in an accident. The collision data can help you determine how much that may affect your insurance rates. Expert auto insurance is there when you need it. Save money and enjoy the ride.

Teen Drivers and New Jersey Commercial Auto Insurance

new jersey commercial auto insurance

All parents of teenagers get anxious about their kids becoming drivers. Driving is a privilege and kids have to understand the dangers associated with not learning the necessary skills to be a good driver. Thankfully, there are some easy ways parents in New Jersey can reduce the high cost of insuring a teen driver.

Since most parents will simply add their teen drivers to their own policies (because it’s generally a less expensive option), many teen drivers don’t have to worry about getting their own auto insurance policy. But because they present more of a risk, new jersey commercial auto insurance rates are generally going to be higher for teenage drivers.

There are plenty of steps that will allow both teens and parents to maintain affordable premiums.

Tips to save money on car insurance for teens

The fact is that due to a lack of driving experience, many teens are facing situations for the first time that could cause accidents. Distracted driving tops the list of reasons why young drivers are involved in collisions and why rates for younger motorists remain quite high. But there are ways to help reduce the expense of auto insurance.

Many auto insurance companies offer good student discounts, which are discounts for teen drivers who make a certain grade point average (usually a B average and up). Having your teen enroll in a driver’s education program can help reduce insurance costs as well.

Certain states require teens to complete a drivers education course and many providers offer discounts for successfully completing the course, which means teens will be rewarded for their efforts. Taking an additional driver training course can’t hurt either.

Depending on which auto insurance companies that you contact, an additional drivers training course could result in additional discounts on your premium. The extra training also brings instant and future benefits as far as safe driving is concerned. Teens should own a safe, reliable starter car. Newer models and racing-style cars are more expensive to insure than older models or the more practical models available. This can be a very important consideration.

Finally, by paying a higher deductible, parents can help to lower new jersey commercial auto insurance rates overall. But practicing safe driving and not getting into accidents is the only way to keep the cost of insurance low. Speak to a reputable agent today.

Distracted Drivers and New Jersey Commercial Auto Insurance

new jersey commercial auto insurance

Never mind the slew of distractions that a driver once faced from foul weather to arguing children in the backseat, since the advent of smartphones motorists have become their own worst enemy. This has created a real challenge for the driver as well as making them a danger to others with whom share the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that distraction and inattention contribute to nearly a third of reported automobile crashes. Your new jersey commercial auto insurance will pay for any damages, but fatalities cannot be fixed with an insurance policy.

Managing So Many Distractions

Drivers, particularly younger drivers, can’t resist sending or answering a text while behind the wheel. They simply don’t consider the consequences of their actions. It only takes a second or two of taking your eyes off of the road for conditions to change and an accident to occur. A child running into the street after a ball, a driver entering the street from a driveway, or any number of instances where a clear path suddenly has an object in the path of your car and your inattentiveness suddenly spells disaster.

Regulators have rushed to deal with the flood of distractions that invade the automobile, including GPS displays, Bluetooth devices for phones, texting and e-mail, and even social network apps. Cant that post to Facebook wait until the car is stopped and the engine turned off?

While the solution continues to be in the form of mostly imposing fines and attempts at heightened awareness, there is still a growing effort by engineers to build cars that gauge the difficulty of situations and recognize a drivers inability to handle all of these stimuli.

The NHTSA has issued voluntary accessory-design guidelines in an effort to reduce distraction, but as long as newer and more engaging gadgets are being produced, managing all of these distractions will continue to be an issue. Safety groups continue to press for restrictions on phone conversations and messaging in the car, but the fact is that drivers must bear the responsibility of refraining from the use of smartphones and other gadgetry when they are supposed to be responsible, not only for their own lives, but for the lives of others.

Having New Jersey commercial auto insurance is a necessary coverage in the event you have an accident, but common sense dictates that drivers need to remove those distractions they have control over which will thereby reduce their chances of being in an accident in the first place.

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Insurance Company

insurance companies in Virginia

When choosing between insurance companies in Virginia, there are several important factors to consider before making a decision. Whether you own a home or business, one of the most essential things you need to do is protect your family or mitigate business risks with proper insurance coverage. Here are five factors to consider when selecting an insurance company:

1. Type of coverage. General liability is essential, but there are other coverage types available.
2. Budget. Be practical when it comes to how much you can afford for insurance expenses.
3. Comparing rates. Compare different rates and features that insurance companies in Virginia offer before making a commitment.
4. Read the fine print. Pay close attention to the fine print in your insurance policy before purchasing it so you do not end up overpaying in the end.
5. Quality rating. Compare the quality ratings of various insurance companies published by the main insurance rating agencies, such as Standard & Poors or Moodys.

Peace of mind and financial protection are just a few benefits of comparing insurance companies in Virginia before deciding on a policy to purchase. Understanding your priorities before you begin the search can help you locate the company that offers affordable, competitive prices and dependable coverage to meet your insurance needs.

Obtaining Complete Coverage on the Road

CT auto insurance

When you’re behind the wheel, you need the right protection to ensure that you’ll be able to handle any unfortunate accidents you may encounter. This is where your CT auto insurance comes in. However, for new drivers, purchasing insurance can seem like a challenge, with several of the coverage options a bit unclear regarding exactly what they do. Here are some of the most important coverage options that seek to keep you financially secure from various threats on the road:

Collision Coverage: This aptly named option guards you from loss in the event that another vehicle collides with yours.
Comprehensive Coverage: This is much like collision coverage, but deals with items other than cars. Fire damage, theft and other types of accidents are included in this category.
Personal Liability: This protects you financially in the event that you cause a wreck. It mitigates the expenses of property damage and injury you may face in the aftermath.
No-Fault Coverage: Regardless of who’s fault the accident in question was, you’ll receive personal injury protection.

Each of these CT auto insurance coverage types have their benefits. Speaking with your insurance agent can help you decide if you need these additional areas of coverage added to your policy in the years to come or not.

Getting to Know Some Basic Types of Insurance

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Whether you are running a business or buying a home, insurance is essential for protecting against most of the unforeseen circumstances of an uncertain future. You may find that there are a variety of different types of insurance. Knowing which ones are necessary can be a bit tricky. It can be useful to contact an insurance agency, such as Daniels Insurance, in order to get a better sense of what you need. Here are some common types of insurance with which you may want to familiarize yourself.

General Liability

If you run a business then you probably know about general liability insurance. This type of insurance pays for most future costs incurred by accidents such as property damage and injury that occurs on the company’s premises. Liability insurance will also help pay for a settlement if you happen to be found liable. If you’ve been running a business for a while, an insurance agency, such as Daniels Insurance, can help you go over your policy to ensure that there is no duplicate coverage or coverage gaps.

Homeowners Insurance

It is imperative to own homeowners insurance if you want to protect against any future losses. This type of insurance will help you replace damaged structures and protect your assets in the event that an injury occurs on your property. Homeowners insurance can also cover costs incurred by theft, fire or vandalism.

Because there are many different kinds of insurance, it is advisable to contact an expert who can help find the right policy for you.

Options on Purchasing New Mexico Auto Insurance

Options on Purchasing New Mexico Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required in New Mexico as it is everywhere else in the US. Since it is the law for New Mexico drivers to carry auto liability insurance, all drivers should have access to affordable and dependable New Mexico Insurance coverage.

The state requires that all drivers carry at least these minimum coverage amounts:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury coverage per person, per accident
  • $50,000 in bodily injury coverage per accident
  • $10,000 in property damage per accident

While these numbers show what the minimum requirements are to comply with state law, most drivers, particularly those with newer or more expensive vehicles, should carry higher liability limits and add additional coverage that provides much more protection for drivers and vehicle owners. The most common policy options available are:

  • Collision coverage, which protects the policyholder’s car against the cost of damages sustained in an automobile accident
  • Comprehensive coverage, which protects the insured vehicle from damages not caused by an auto accident (for example weather, collisions with wildlife, theft, vandalism)
  • Medical payments coverage to help pay the cost of driver and passenger medical bills that may result from a covered accident, and
  • Uninsured/Underinsured (UM/UIM) Motorist coverage, which provides protection from at-fault drivers who have no or insufficient bodily injury or property damage liability coverage limits

New Mexico has one of the highest percentages of uninsured drivers in the country

At nearly 22%, New Mexico has quite the lions share of uninsured motorists. This is why its so important for drivers to consider adding UM/UIM coverage to their New Mexico Insurance policies for their automobiles. Without it, drivers who get involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist (or are involved in a hit-and-run accident) may be forced to bear the financial burden of any damages caused by an uninsured, at-fault party. This can quickly become expensive, especially when injuries and property damages are part of the equation.

Take advantage of any available discounts

Some local insurers are willing to provide you with affordable discount auto insurance. By, applying discounts, choosing the right coverage amounts, and adjusting deductibles, you can save on coverage expenses in New Mexico and get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

3 Important Aspects of Classic Car Insurance

3 Important Aspects of Classic Car Insurance

If you’re an owner or collector of classic cars then you need the proper insurance coverage in order to make sure they’re protected. Car collector insurance is more specific than your general auto insurance. Here are a few reasons that you need classic car insurance.

  1. Car Shows -Some classic car owners like to enter them in shows and parades in order to show them off. One example of coverage that is perfect for this use is medical reimbursement insurance. Injuries and accidents can happen at car shows and it’s important for you to be prepared on all fronts.
  2. Towing Insurance -It’s rough whenever your classic car breaks down but it is likely to happen. Towing coverage will make sure you’re taken care of in the event of your vehicle breaking down.
  3. Comprehensive Coverage -You may also want car collector insurance to provide you with general protection in the case of traffic collisions, theft, and damage. Your classic car is valuable and should be protected according to your needs.

If you wait too long to invest in insurance for your collectible vehicle you could end up in financial trouble. Take care of your car by investing in a classic car insurance plan that meets your needs and expectations.