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Operational Risks Financial Institutions Face

professional liability insurance for bankers

Working in the financial sector brings with it several specific risks factors that are covered by professional liability insurance for bankers. Knowing these risks and actively working to reduce them as much as possible makes it less likely that the institution will face a lawsuit for negligence or improper handling of funds. Here are three of the most common risks that financial institutions face in the course of doing business.

Human Error

Despite the fact that computers are more prevalent than ever in the banking sector, human beings are still an essential part of doing business. Humans make mistakes, at times intentional but quite often completely unintentional, and these mistakes can cause financial damage to clients at a bank or credit union. Human error can lead to a lawsuit.

Systems and Processes

If data is processed in an inaccurate way, it can bring losses to the institution and its clients. This involves digital risks like leaks or hacking, as well as improper data input. Systems can also fail and create losses.
Professional liability insurance for bankers is one way that financial institutions help mitigate their operational risks. A specialized insurance professional can help a bank, credit union or savings and loan company create a policy that best suits their business needs.