What Is a Carnet and Why Is It Important?

Carnet Insurance

Millions of tons of equipment, merchandise and other goods are transported around the world every year. Passing through customs with these items can be complicated and tedious. A carnet is a valuable document that makes this process much easier. Because of the crucial role of a carnet in international business, it is imperative to protect it with carnet insurance before traveling.

A Special Passport for Professional Equipment

Think of a carnet as a special passport for the tools of your trade. When you travel abroad to conduct business, to attend a trade show, to participate in a performance, to play professional sports or to use any sort of specialized equipment, you can avoid paying value-added taxes and international duties on your goods by providing them with a carnet. Even live animals and works of art can be covered by a carnet.

Many Professionals Use a Carnet in Everyday Life

Many areas of professional employment would be difficult or impossible without the convenience of a carnet. Symphony orchestras and bands can travel without paying duties on their instruments. Art dealers and exhibitors can move freely without tax penalties. Medical professionals can cross international borders with elaborate surgical equipment. Trade show exhibitors can share their products in a wide variety of countries. A carnet gives freedom of movement to you and your valuable goods. Carnet insurance can add peace of mind. Consult an insurance professional today to find out more about your options.



photo credit: Air Alg