Cargo Insurance and Proper Packing for a Pest-Free Experience

Cargo Insurance and Proper Packing for a Pest-Free Experience

Why do you need cargo insurance in Florida? Many reasons, if yours is one of the estimated five or six million containers that are in motion across the ocean right now, and you are interested in protecting the goods, freight, or merchandise contained in the shipment from various types of damage or loss that can occur at any moment from the point of departure to delivery. Coverage can include foreign and domestic protection for a variety of risks, including theft, spoilage, actions taken by foreign regulators and customs officials, and more–for example, infestation.

The bugaboo of shippers worldwide

Infestation of cargo can occur when a number of issues are present, such as:

  • High moisture levels
  • Location of stored goods prior to shipment
  • Poor sanitation and storage methods of the goods
  • Residue from previous shipments left in the containers
  • Use of untreated packing materials

To combat pests, fumigation may be needed

Usually a gas containing methyl bromide and phosphine, fumigation is an effective means of pest control. It is used to eradicate pests which can multiply and damage or destroy a shipment completely by the time it reaches its destination. In fact, industry experts say fumigation is the most effective way to get rid of pests because the nature of gas is to diffuse and spread into every nook and cranny of a space, unlike spraying operations or other kinds of pest control that have a limited reach. A common practice, the process helps block the entry of exotic pests and diseases into the country, yet allows for the shipment to be cleared fairly quickly thereafter.

When to do it

Fumigation is most efficient and least expensive when it is handled at the port where the shipment is loaded. Upon reaching its destination, the container can be unloaded at the discharge port without fear of having unwittingly transported insects or parasites to the destination.

Talk to a professional insurance agent about cargo insurance in Miami. Your agent can give you excellent guidance about top-rated providers, policies, and also offer you practical information about how to get your shipment to its destination in good shape with the requisite paperwork to eliminate or minimize any costly delays in customs inspections. Call your agent today to learn more.