CAAs Are Supported By Solid Insurance Coverage

Insurance for CAAs

Community action agencies are some of the hardest working organizations around. The work undertaken by these organizations deserves to be supported at every step. CAAs can safeguard their operations — and protect the people they serve — by selecting comprehensive insurance for CAAs. Specially designed programs will provide your agency with the lines of coverage required to support the work you do. Without insurance, you run the risk of operational interruption, service interruption, financial loss, and many other avoidable problems.

Programs Designed With You in Mind

Insurance for CAAs is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. This is due in large part to the diverse nature of the work done by community action agencies. This is why working with an insurance company that understands your needs is so important. Insurance companies that have made the effort to design these programs will be able to meet your coverage needs with features such as:

  • Automobile liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Property and inland marine
  • Accident insurance
  • Professional liability
  • Sexual abuse liability

Close the Coverage Gaps

General business insurance programs are not likely to meet your needs in the same way as a program intended for CAAs will. Choosing an insurance program that is not suited to your organization is likely to leave you with coverage gaps that leave you vulnerable to loss. An insurance agent can help you identify gaps in your current coverage and recommend a more comprehensive strategy.


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