The Breakdown of a Non Owned Auto Policy

hired non owned auto
hired non owned auto

Having an auto insurance policy for your staffing firm is vital, especially if some of your employees are going to be driving around vehicles. If the vehicles to be driven are not owned by the staffing firm, you need hired non owned auto liability insurance. Liability can help provide minimum coverage and offer certain perks to a policy that make it even more appealing.


Understanding Liability


Usually within any state in the US, liability coverage is required when operating a vehicle. Liability means that the insurance policy will cover claims that are considered the fault of the insured. In other words, if someone at your staffing firm causes an accident where bodily injury or property damage occurs, the insurance policy will pay out to the limits described in the policy.


Possible Perks to a Policy


Depending on the policy that your firm goes with, you could end up with perks like no deductible and no aggregate limit. This would mean you do not have a dollar amount you must meet before your insurance starts paying, and there is no maximum dollar amount the insurer will stop paying at over the agreed course of coverage.


At the very least, liability coverage is required of drivers around the US. Your staffing firm’s coverage depends on the hired non owned auto policy that is purchased, but you could see certain perks when you go with the right insurance company. Examine your policy options closely before making your final decision.