Boating and Liability Issues

insurance coverage for yacht clubs

Yacht clubs are a wonderful enterprise to be a part of. The employees work very hard to provide a list of services to the people purchasing memberships in order to participate in their exciting events and activities. Of course, boating does come with liability concerns that are unique and varied from many other businesses, and having the necessary insurance coverage for yacht clubs is critical.


In addition to catering to the needs of their own members, owners also must consider guests and often times members of other yacht clubs exercising reciprocal privileges. This lengthens the list of risks and exposures many of these organizations face. For example, if a visitor were to fall on the dock and become injured, or if a guest gets sick because food wasn’t prepared properly, either could result in a costly claim against the club.


There is other concerns to contend with, such as having your building vandalized or if arson were to be committed and fire winds up consuming boats moored in the marina. There are different types of coverage to address the many hazards one faces when running an operation of this nature.


Other issues that may need to be addressed


Most yacht clubs host cruises and other boating events that are organized for members during boating season. Accidents or other problems could ruin the event and possibly end up costing the business in the form of a large settlement.


Yacht clubs, much like other private clubs, have many potential legal issues to consider. This exemplifies the importance of purchasing insurance through a marine insurance agency. Its imperative that your club is properly protected against theft, vandalism, accidents, injuries and many other liabilities.


It helps to understand the terminology used in contracts so that you don’t end up left underinsured in the event of a costly claim. Marina protection is important for any boater, and exponentially so for a yacht club. Obtain your insurance coverage for yacht clubs with a reputable and experienced marine insurance agent. Yacht club insurance policies can cover every aspect of your company, including boats owned by the club, slips, and moorings, as well as any liability concerns for both club members and guests.