Getting a Refund on Your Insurance Deductible

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Whether you purchase a commercial or private use insurance policy, there is usually a deductible established with each plan. The deductible is the out-of-pocket cost that the policyholder will have to meet before then insurance provider fulfills its potion of the policy terms. By having a deductible reimbursement policy, the costs associated with the deductible could be reimbursed, making it so the policyholder wouldn’t have any fees that needed to be paid out of pocket.

Opportunities for Reimbursement

There are several different types of insurance policies that could potentially have a reimbursement plan option. Some of them include:

  • Health insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Professional liability
  • Workers compensation

These policies are often sought after by companies that have more financially demanding deductibles. The higher deductibles are often associated with company policies like workers’ compensation or commercial general liability. However, the experts at Caitling Morgan Insurance say that captive insurers find the deductible reimbursement policies particularly beneficial for the insureds. There are several benefits associated with this use. They include:

  • Reducing the third-party insurance expenses
  • Leverage captive assess back to the insureds for other business needs
  • Providing more control with risk management practice
  • Greater control over claims processing

If you would like to see a better return on your insurance expenses, check with your insurance agents for deductible reimbursement options. Putting money back in your pocket is always a nice experience.

Top Tools for Winter Semi Truck Maintenance

Western Truck Insurance

Winter is upon us and that means the possibility of something breaking in cold weather. Insurance for semi-trucks helps in an accident, but some things you can repair yourself. Truckers need to keep a variety of tools in their trucks in case something breaks while on the road.

Winter Gear

Make sure you have a solid pair of gloves to work when the temperatures drop. Something as simple as replacing a tire can be hard on your hands when the air is at or below freezing. Make sure the gloves are durable with enough grip to handle your tools.

Safety Gear

The light fades faster in the winter months with the sun setting exceptionally early in the northern climes. A good working flashlight with spare batteries is a must. Also, have some road signs and flares to help others see you in the dark and harsh weather conditions.

Handy Tools

Most truck drivers benefit from a wrench set, electrical tape, air pressure gauges and a set of vice grips. A ratchet screwdriver set can make short work of simple repairs. The experts at Western Truck Insurance recommend having commercial equipment insurance and physical damage insurance.

While you may save money repairing some things yourself, insurance for semi-trucks is there when you need additional assistance. Sometimes an accident or repair is more than you can handle on the side of the road.

Do Financial Institutions Need Insurance?


Financial institutions such as brokerage houses and banks hold the trust of the individuals that store money with the company’s employees. But what happens when an employee commits an unthinkable act and embezzles money, trades fraudulently with inside knowledge, or uses money that is not his or her own? Dishonest acts can be devastating to a company’s reputation.

First-Party Coverage

The insurance firm FGIB states that while businesses cannot prevent employee dishonesty, the company can act to protect themselves from losses incurred by those acts with the help of a blanket bond. A fidelity bond, also known as bankers blanket bond insurance policy, is a program of coverage that the SEC requires financial institutions to carry. The insurance is first-party coverage that protects company securities, monies, and properties from the dishonesty of employees. Protections can include:

  • Extortion
  • Alteration of money order, checks, etc.
  • Damage to cash machines
  • Cyber fraud
  • Ransom demands

Sense of Security

A major benefit of the BBB is that if the position of the new hire is insured, the policy will automatically cover new employees during the critical first few weeks of the training period. This coverage can provide companies with a sense of security and provide the public with the knowledge the money they invest or store with the company will be protected.

Reasons To Outsource Your Marketing to a Professional Firm

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It’s tempting for many insurance agencies, or businesses in general, to think they can handle all the marketing it takes to generate leads, interact with consumers and make sales. However, it’s not something you can pick up overnight and it requires countless hours of extra work on top of what you already do, according to the information provided by Those two facts alone are some of the benefits of insurance marketing firm services, but let’s take a look at a few more.

Top Benefits of Professional Marketing Services

Doing marketing yourself means that you risk failing if you make a mistake, which can have costly results. However, you can avoid that with a professional firm to help you out in the following ways:

  • Design a clean and easy-to-use website
  • Receive quality leads for your services
  • Target your ideal customers with focused campaigns
  • Create an SEO plan that organically draws traffic to your website
  • Boost your online visibility so consumers can find you

The Professionals Can Help You Out

Using DIY methods in a business is a risk that you should avoid, especially when it concerns marketing. There are plenty of benefits of insurance marketing firm services that make this kind of investment worth it, so don’t hesitate to seek out help from the experts.

Two Key Liability Coverages For Manufacturers

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More so than other business owners, manufacturers must ensure that they are well-protected against potential loss. As a result, the need for appropriate manufacturers’ insurance is vital for long-term success. As you search for an insurance agent, here are two key liability coverages that you should plan to include in your policy.

General Liability Insurance

General liability is stable for all commercial insurance policies. It protects your business against everyday claims from third parties claiming that they sustained an injury or property damage because of your business. In the event that you’re sued, your policy would cover your legal costs including attorney fees and any damages for which you’re found liable.

Pollution Liability Insurance

Pollution liability insurance is often included in general liability, but can also be its own coverage. As referenced on, its purpose is to protect you in case a third party claims that pollution from your operations caused them to sustain an injury, illness or property damage. Your pollution insurance policy can be used to cover fees associated with a case as well as the cost associated with purchasing items that help to prevent pollution.

Of course, there are a number of other coverage types to keep in mind. Work with an experienced agent to assess and build a policy that meets all of your needs.

Protecting Finance Professionals


If you work in the finance sector and your career depends on helping clients with their financial matters, you know how important it is to have everything done correctly the first time. Of course, no matter how careful you are, mistakes can still occur. If you are asking the question of what is E&O in finance, here is more information about why it is so important.

Errors and Omissions Handles Accidents

E&O is short for errors and omissions, and it is a necessary component for many jobs, including those in the legal and financial sectors. For example, you might forget to include client information when filling out a form for a loan you are assisting your client with. This could delay or even prevent them from getting the loan, To prevent yourself from dealing with being sued for negligence, e&o insurance can help you avoid further problems, according to FGIB.

E&O Insurance Can Allow You to Keep Working

If you don’t have E&O insurance and you find yourself being sued, this could prevent you from working. Many times, you’ll need to handle the lawsuit from your own personal finances if you do not have insurance. Knowing what is E&O in finance can make a difference between staying afloat and being able to continue working.

If you work in the financial field, having E&O coverage can make a difference in your ability to continue working while allowing you to protect yourself in case of accidents that could happen in your work.

Creative Ways To Save Money

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When money is tight it can be very frightening. All kinds of thoughts race through your head: Will I be able to feed everyone? What will happen to my credit score if I miss a payment? Will I have enough to make it before the water gets shut off? In moments like these, think about where you can cut your costs. Sometimes it takes a little creativity, but there are some ways to easily save money each month.

Cut Cable

With streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Video, do you need an expensive cable package?

Buy Generic

Marshmallow Mateys are just as good as Lucky Charms and for half the price.

Do Free Activities

Go to the library, see live music at the park, visit a festival there is plenty of free entertainment if you look around town.

Avoid Espresso

Instead of stopping at Starbucks every morning, buy espresso beans and brew a mocha at home. It’s just as good and for pennies on the dollar.

Talk To Your Agent

If you’re afraid that you’ll miss an upcoming insurance payment, discuss the possibility of needing to write a no loss letter just in case. Check out what the pros at have to say about it.

Hang in there, friend, it gets better. Scrimping and pinching at the end of the month is not easy and can make you worry, but think of ways to help your situation and spend less.

The Basics of Malpractice Tail Coverage

Axis : The Basics of Malpractice Tail Coverage

While malpractice insurance is common in the medical industry, the legal and healthcare industries also rely on claims-made policies such as malpractice tail coverage. A claims-made policy provides coverage for claims made against a professional relating to services they provided during the time their policy was active.

Understand Malpractice Tail Coverage Costs

How much does malpractice tail coverage cost? No matter your area of professional specialty or where you live and work, this type of coverage is costly because it requires policyholders to pay an expensive additional premium. The premium can often be as much as 200 percent of the claims-made policies price. The good news is that you may be able to break this cost down into a payment plan. You may also be able to classify it as a tax write-off for unreimbursed business expenses.

While some professionals may receive de facto malpractice tail coverage because they’ve had long-term insurance with their carrier, most will need to seek it through their current insurance provider. As you might imagine, costs can vary depending on the following and other factors:

  • Your specialty
  • Your location
  • Your insurance provider

Consult Your Insurance Agent

Professional and management liability insurance industry leader Axis recommends you seek advice from your insurance agent when considering malpractice tail coverage. Their knowledge and expertise can help you secure the coverage solution that will work best for you.

Why You Need Insurance That Understands Your Business

financial institutions

While all businesses are well-advised to buy general liability insurance, not all business insurance needs are covered by it. Even if you discount policies like worker’s compensation and property liability, your core business will still have some specific needs that general liability doesn’t cover. Chances are, you’ll also have some assets and equipment outside its scope, so you need to work with professionals who understand your industry to make sure you have the right set of coverage options.

Insuring Financial Organizations

Hedge funds, brokerage firms, and financial institutions have unique needs because they have obligations to their clients beyond what many businesses find themselves taking on. Insuring financial institutions takes a special risk management strategy and a knowledgeable assessment of the institution by experienced professionals. On, a comprehensive list of the specialized assistance a knowledgeable operator can bring highlights the importance of technical expertise and advice as your organization develops and its needs change.

Market access is just as important as a proper assessment of your needs. When you work with people who make your business their business, you gain the benefits of their professional network. That makes it easier for you to get everything you need from your policy, including service from some of the top industry carriers in the world.

Employee Theft by Forgery Explained


Employees are the most common thieves within a company. Protecting the business with a crime policy helps extend the reach of theft to include those acts done by employees. Forgery is a common theft a business must contend with.

Forgery Explained

Someone who commits forgery falsely creates or alters documents with an intent to deceive. The FBI takes forgery crimes seriously. However, the intent to deceive must be proven. The laws governing the prosecution of forgery are changing as thieves become savvier in the deceptions. The economic gain thieves can obtain from moving funds over, pretending to be someone else or creating legal documents can be worth the effort to the person.

Forgery Examples

Beyond notable pieces of art, forgery can include a variety of other documents or valuable objects. According to, forgery can happen with commercial charge cards, promissory notes, checks and personal account funds. Identity theft is a common crime perpetrated in the Digital Age due to the availability of online accounts.

Simply because your business does not involve the world of art does not mean it cannot happen within your business. Employees can alter small bits of information over time costing the business lots of money if left unchecked. A crime policy steps in to protect your business should theft such as forgery occur.