Top Reasons to Insure Your Classic Car

Classic car insurance in NJ

While you have regular car insurance to protect your daily driver, traditional auto insurance doesn’t necessarily provide the best coverage for classic or antique cars. Purchasing or restoring an antique or classic car takes time, research and money. Classic car insurance in NJ offers owners protection as unique as the cars they own.

Different Restrictions and Limitations

While the regular auto insurance policy typically calculates yearly driving around 12,500 average miles, classic car insurance often limits annual miles to 5,000 or less. In addition, there might be storage requirements and age restrictions placed on the owner. Some policies require the owner use another vehicle as their daily driver.

Unique Coverage and Protection

Classic cars appreciate in value over time whereas modern cars depreciate year over year. A regular auto policy takes the depreciation value into account causing classic car owners to lose money in the event of an accident. Some other differences between the two include:

  • Original parts replacement
  • Classic car insurance might be less expensive
  • Specialty towing options

Classic car insurance in NJ typically covers the appraised market value or the value of similarly priced cars at auction. Both policies offer comprehensive, liability and collision coverage, but classic car insurance offers your investment added protection unavailable in a traditional auto policy saving you money.

Is Your Business Under Threat of Targeted Hacker Attacks?

target cyber

In more recent years, the danger of cyber attacks and hacker threats has increased as technology advances. Today, there are more methods of digital infiltration that have been discovered, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been developed to sound more human to trick people, the cloud holds so much information to possibly be stolen, and many other changes can put people in trouble. If someone with malicious intent sets their sights on your business, their target cyber attack could cost you. Its important to be informed and protected.

What Is a Target Cyber Attack?

Some cyber attacks are random. A hacker may spread around a virus through a link that’s sent out randomly with no particular target in mind. While these can be troublesome, there usually easy to avoid or recuperate from, typically without loss of valuable information.

However, if a hacker targets a particular person or business, they can focus more on causing problems and stealing specific data, leading to private information being leaked, money being stolen and various other dangerous consequences.

How Can You Be Safe?

While its important to be informed and careful, increasing security and awareness, there can still be a breach or an accident. To protect your business from losses, insurance can help you regain anything stolen from a target cyber attack. While technology continues to develop, more protection does, too.

Navigating the Commercial Specialty Lines Market

GA Mavon

Finding comprehensive insurance coverage can be difficult for independent agents working for businesses with unusual needs or increased exposure to risks. Mainstream insurers often fail to offer coverage, or if they do, they charge exponentially higher premiums forcing agents to bypass traditional sourcing.

What Is Specialty Insurance?

The specialty lines market is a portion of the insurance industry that provides coverage for unusual or higher-risks clients. Wholesale insurance managers like GA Mavon & Co. serve as intermediaries between independent agents and the insurers who focus on the specialty market. Typically, specialty lines fall into two distinct categories:

Difficult or Unusual: A good example of a difficult or unusual need that requires specialty insurance is a director’s or trustee’s liability policy, simply because of the expertise required in writing such insurance.

Higher Risks: Policies for businesses that are exposed to a higher than normal risk of claims, either due to the dangers involved or to the nature of the business, fall into this category. Some examples include an establishment serving alcohol or a factory manufacturing dangerous chemicals or explosives.

Independent agents are blessed with a great resource in GA Mavon & Co. Explore the large portfolio Mavon Insurance has at its disposal and find the right coverage for your commercial specialty client.

How to Get the Most out of Online Marketing

Online marketing for insurance agents

Regardless of the business type, online marketing has become a staple of any successful enterprise. Online marketing for insurance agents should be tailored to the agent, agency or broker and the marketing goals they have set forth. Working with a qualified professional can speed up the process, increase transference of leads to clients and make a bigger impact on your business.

Types of Online Marketing

Harnessing the power of online marketing means taking advantage of the various avenues of reaching potential clients and turning them into customers.

  • Build a community on social media with regular posts reflecting the culture, brand, services and products of your company.
  • Engage in content marketing through topics of interest to prospective and current clients on your blog.
  • Have an insurance website designed around marketing goals to reach new prospects, engage with current clients and showcase the products and services you offer.
  • Harness the power of drip marketing by converting paying clients out of website leads.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of SEO and ranking authority of the major search engines.

A comprehensive solution for online marketing for insurance agents should include a strategy developed prior to implementation. Grow your business, gain more leads and connect with clients by utilizing various online marketing tools right at your fingertips.

3 Things To Remember When Shopping for Homeowners Insurance

Connecticut home insurance

By all estimates, buying a home is the biggest investment you may ever make. Protecting that investment should be your No. 1 priority once you sign on the dotted line. Do so with the right homeowner’s insurance policy. When shopping for Connecticut home insurance, remember these three tips:

Put Your Payments in Escrow

Once you find the right policy, plan to place your payments in an escrow account and tie your insurance payment to your mortgage payment. Your lender will appreciate this, too, since they can see that you are keeping up with your premium. After all, your home is really the bank’s home until you pay off that mortgage.

Don’t Pick the First Policy Presented to You

Before you pick a policy, shop different Connecticut home insurance providers. Most experts suggest contact at least three insurance companies before you make a choice. While you might home in on price, don’t let a low premium be your deciding factor. Make sure you have the right coverage for your home so that you and your assets are fully protected.

Speaking of Adequate Coverage

Take some time to ensure the policy you pick covers everything you need it to. You should not pay for more coverage than what you need, but you certainly do not want to be without the right coverage. Take time to go through the details of what you are protected from with your agent.

Wholesale Answers for Retail Questions

insurance wholesale broker

In the hyper-competitive insurance industry, an independent agent may find it tough to go it alone. It is important to give a prospective client policy options designed to fit his or her price point, and that can be difficult with a limited portfolio upon which to lean.

It is into this breach that an insurance wholesale broker steps. Unlike a retail agent, a wholesale broker can communicate directly with multiple insurance providers, often streamlining the process of finding just the right policy.

It is this ability to “broker” deals and present attractive options to the retail agent that ensures the system will work for all four parties: the customer, the agent, the broker and the provider. Here are two more reasons to consider working through a wholesale broker:

Specialized Expertise: Sometimes a client has an insurance need that is either highly specific or downright unusual. An insurance wholesale broker often is experienced in working with a particular product line and can narrow the search focus considerably.

Binding Authority: A wholesale broker who has the underwriting authority to bind insurance is known as a managing general agent (MGA). Working with an MGA can make obtaining a binder a quick and easy process.

It makes business sense for an independent agent to utilize all available resources. Contacting an insurance wholesale broker is a good start.

Protect Your Entertainers and Audience

entertainment public liability insurance

In entertainment, sometimes things can get out of hand. Perhaps a stunt in a magic show goes wrong or a bands instrument is knocked off the stage and hurts an audience member. These are just a couple of many cases of where entertainment public liability insurance could help to protect the producers of these types of shows.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Not limited to entertainment, insurance for public liability is a general coverage for businesses to protect against damage inflicted on a third party or their possessions and property. This means, if an accident happens within the area of the business or due to someone working as part of the business, public liability can cover it. This includes taking care of:

  • Medical bills for a person who has been injured
  • Compensation for death or injury
  • Replacing completely ruined items
  • Legal payments in defending for a claim
  • Covering repairs for damaged property

Why Do Entertainment Producers Need It?

As mentioned above, there are some cases that are unique to entertainment services that may lead to an entertainer or audience member getting hurt. Often times, entertainment public liability insurance can be specialized for producers, depending on what they need it for. Shows that are heavily reliant on dangerous stunts is an obvious case, but even a balloon artist could end up in a sticky situation if their show at a birthday party goes awry. Make sure that everyone involved has a good time by keeping them protected.

Insurance Coverage for Financial Service Providers

Insurance for financial services

When you offer financial services, you protect your clients when you protect your business from losses. Otherwise, you risk being unable to deliver on your promises. Insurance for financial services cover a variety of items from those common to all businesses to those specific to the financial sector.

Common Protections

Worker’s compensation and commercial auto coverage are two types of insurance that every business can benefit from having, including financial services. If any of your employees are injured on the job or there is an accident involving a company car, the right insurance protects your business from undue losses.

Financial Protections

Insuring an ATM on your property or elsewhere means you will not lose money if that ATM is robbed or damaged. If part of your services include sending money and assets via post, then mailing insurance is also useful. In general, any time something can go wrong with a transaction, you should look for insurance that can cover the possibility.

Insurance for financial services takes on many forms. Whether you need general business insurance or coverage tailored to your services, doing some research can help you save money. Protecting your transactions, equipment and employees means you can continue to provide great service to your customers, even if an issue arises.


Specialized Contractors Insurance

top contractors insurance

When looking for the top contractors insurance in your area, it is important to have an agent on your side who specializes in contractors insurance. The professional exposure risk can vary depending on the type of services that are provided by contractors so having an agent that is experienced with construction services and contracts will make sure you are entirely covered.

Contractor coverage stretched over a wide field of liabilities. A specialist can help determine what exactly applies to your business. Top contractors insurance should offer several protection options including the following:

  • Workers’ compensation- Covering medical expenses for employees and lost wages while they are not at work
  • Contractual Liability- Protects business owners from costs deriving against property damage, bodily injury, or other third-party liabilities
  • Auto quotes- Covers property damage as well as coverage for vehicles, drivers, and passengers
  • Construction bonds- Also known as a license and permit bond, construction bonds are a special type of surety bond to help bid on and land specific projects you are going for

Agents providing top contractors insurance will ensure that you have the appropriate amount of coverage by reviewing your operations, contracts, and policies. Using an agent will make certain that you do not leave yourself and your business open to liability.

Insurance for the Trucking Industry

interstate trucking cargo insurance programs

Trucking companies are the infrastructure of the economy, hauling billions of dollars in consumer goods across the nation every year. Although an additional expense, interstate trucking cargo insurance programs can be a game-changer in the event of cargo loss or damage.

Why Its Necessary

Many trucking companies have fallen victim to cargo theft and fictitious pick-up schemes, resulting in devastating financial loss to the company and their contracts. Trucking firms who experience loss of cargo in pick-up schemes have found it virtually impossible to recover the stolen goods, as missing trailers are long gone by the time the error is uncovered. Parking lots, breakdowns and tired or dishonest drivers are also known as easy targets for cargo theft.

What It Does

Interstate trucking cargo insurance programs offer liability coverage for cargo items in the event of theft, even when crossing state lines. Federally required trucking liability coverage is often limited to bodily or property harm occurring during a collision, but cargo insurance protects the actual contents of the trailer regardless of travel origins or destination. It is also highly probably most shippers will require a certain amount of cargo coverage before committing to a transport contract.

For a trucking company, investing in interstate cargo insurance can potentially save thousands of dollars in the event of theft during transport. Know the type of coverage you need to fully protect your cargo.