The Basics of Commercial Property Insurance Policies

Property Insurance Florida
Property Insurance Florida

As a business owner, property insurance in Floridais likely to be one of your most important purchases. Businesses can spend a great deal of money on these policies because they provide so many essential forms of protection. Before you purchase your new property policy make sure you understand what you are getting.


What You Get From Your Policy


Commercial property insurance in Floridatypically applies to any location where business takes place; this can include a building you own or a storefront you lease. Even home businesses can be insured through this line of coverage. Though the particulars of your policy may vary, in generally you can expect commercial property insurance to cover:


  • Inventory on shelves and stored in back
  • Lawns, fences, fountains, and other landscape features
  • Outdoor signage
  • Your building
  • Indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Point of sales systems, computers, scanners, and other equipment


Expanding Your Policy


Though commercial property insurance grants you many valuable forms of coverage, you may find that your chosen policy is not a perfect fit. There may be ways of expanding your policy to encompass certain other items. For instance, building coverage may not initially include all garages, sheds, carports, and other buildings on your property. Though most commercial property policies help protect items belonging to customers and other people, the specifics of this coverage may not be adequate for your needs. Simply talk with your agent to find out how to expand your policy to include all forms of protection you really need.