Advantages to Updating Insurance Websites

Advantages to Updating Insurance Websites

The Internet is now the primary place where people go to learn about and shop for insurance products, making it no surprise that more and more insurers are looking to bolster their presence online through company Insurance Websites. The easy part is getting visitors to your site, but the more difficult task is turning visitors into customers and creating a buzz about the services being offered.

We all know the importance of good content in order to captivate your audience and get them interested in learning more about you and your company, but in order to help raise the visibility of your agency’s website, here are a few suggestions designed to help improve your website and increase awareness of the value as well as the necessity of the products you provide.

Fonts provide a lot of visual satisfaction

Fonts can make or break a website. Using distinct and unique fonts can be quite beneficial as a way of distinguishing your agency’s site from others, as well as promotional sites and advertisements. This can truly help your visitor differentiate between sites that are, and aren’t, trustworthy.

News feed will enhance the sense of your knowledge about insurance

Adding a news feed to your Website will impress consumers by giving it an authenticity that can be trusted. Both prospects and insured’s will appreciate your ability to target market-related news of interest.

Start a guestbook and create polls and surveys

Don’t underestimate the value of adding a guestbook to your site – this is a great way to invite feedback from your visitors, including local prospects and clients. Messages left in your guestbook can provide insight into customer needs and concerns and help in developing ideas to help improve your business.

Incorporating polls and surveys into your Website will further to help you understand what the hot topics of the day are, and this is a great way to engage and connect with your visitors.

Add a virtual tour and a virtual store

Adding a virtual tour of your offices will help to familiarize new prospects with your business and professionalism. Use a series of still photos with relatable captions since they are typically easy to insert (and replace or renew). In addition they are easier for some consumers to receive than a video stream.

Employees, company representatives, and clients will appreciate a virtual store giving them the opportunity to buy agency-sponsored goods. Updating Insurance Websites can help put agencies that were once lagging “back in the game!”