3 Things To Remember When Shopping for Homeowners Insurance

Connecticut home insurance

By all estimates, buying a home is the biggest investment you may ever make. Protecting that investment should be your No. 1 priority once you sign on the dotted line. Do so with the right homeowner’s insurance policy. When shopping for Connecticut home insurance, remember these three tips:

Put Your Payments in Escrow

Once you find the right policy, plan to place your payments in an escrow account and tie your insurance payment to your mortgage payment. Your lender will appreciate this, too, since they can see that you are keeping up with your premium. After all, your home is really the bank’s home until you pay off that mortgage.

Don’t Pick the First Policy Presented to You

Before you pick a policy, shop different Connecticut home insurance providers. Most experts suggest contact at least three insurance companies before you make a choice. While you might home in on price, don’t let a low premium be your deciding factor. Make sure you have the right coverage for your home so that you and your assets are fully protected.

Speaking of Adequate Coverage

Take some time to ensure the policy you pick covers everything you need it to. You should not pay for more coverage than what you need, but you certainly do not want to be without the right coverage. Take time to go through the details of what you are protected from with your agent.

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