3 Common Types of Specialty Lines Insurance

3 Common Types of Specialty Lines Insurance

There is a segment of the insurance industry market that addresses the needs of individuals who falls into the category types of high-risk and unusual or difficult to insure. These groups qualify for specialty lines insurance, which provides protection for personal property that are not generally covered by auto and homeowners insurance policies. Here are three types of coverage thats available:

  1. Travel Trailers -Specialty insurance offers coverage for a travel trailers personal effects, appliances and accessories. Key policy components also include expenses for towing, travel emergencies, collision and rollover.
  2. Motorcycles -Specialty lines insurance is ideal for touring, sport and unusual bike models. The coverage includes liability and collision as well as protection against things such as theft, fire and windstorms. You can also safeguard unique add-ons, equipment and accessories.
  3. Dwelling -Specialized insurance is available for well-maintained homes that are more than 10 years old and have low value. The policy not only applies to a year-round residence but also rental and seasonal property. Protection ranges from glass breakage and burglary to fire and hail damage.

In addition to these three types of specially lines insurance, there are policies for manufactured homes, occupied dwelling and dwelling fire. Speak with a licensed insurance carrier who can help you find the right coverage solution.

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