Month: February 2020

Liability Insurance for Bankers


There are many fields that require professional liability insurance if you are going to operate while managing the day-to-day risks that come with that line of work, but no two professionals have exactly the same liability insurance needs, even within the same profession. Between professions, entire areas of coverage differ, and not just the details. That’s why when you’re looking for bankers professional liability insurance, you need to work with professionals who have experience with exactly that kind of product.

Insurance Built for Bankers

When you handle other people’s money for a living, it’s very common for your professional activities to draw lawsuits, even baseless ones. FGIB discusses this and the way that liability insurance for the banking industry takes care of clients:

  • Coverage for defense and damages up to the policy limit
  • Protection for your institution’s assets
  • Specialized coverage built around your institution’s professional activities

If your current liability insurance doesn’t flex to meet the needs of your operation, how can you count on it to continue meeting your needs as your business grows and changes? The right answer to that question might be uncomfortable, but taking care of the situation and getting yourself into insurance that really fits your operation doesn’t have to be. All it takes is a team of dedicated professionals who understand your line of work.

Insurance for Commercial Vehicles and Motor Carriers

GAIN Insurance Agency

While insurance for operators of tractor-trailers and other commercial equipment is similar to
personal automobile policies, there are other specific details for this industry that are important to
be aware of. State laws typically dictate a minimum amount of liability coverage required for
truckers to carry, but this does not protect you or your property in all situations.

Industry-Specific Protection

As discussed by GAIN Insurance Agency, big rig insurance has many facets
beyond the standard liability requirements. There are additional aspects that protect you
personally, such as Commercial General Liability, while others cover physical damages to items
such as your truck and the cargo that is being hauled. Bobtail insurance is especially important
for owner-operators, as it provides coverage in situations when not operating under the authority
of a trucking company.

Not Just for Enclosed Semi Trucks

Insurance options arent simply for the standard semi-trailer and truck. There is a wide variety of
commercial hauling equipment that agents can assist with finding the right coverage for:
Tow trucks
Car carriers
Tankers and hazmat
Dump trucks

Having the correct policy behind you as just as important as having a solid rig underneath you.
Talking to a professional to understand all the available options will help ease your mind before
hitting the open road.

Uncovering the Mysteries of Crime Insurance


More often than at any other time in history, businesses are being hit by the criminal behavior of unprecedented proportions. However, the surprising fact is that business employees are committing much of that unlawful conduct. Since the property insurance on your commercial building does not cover employee crimes, adding an additional layer of valuable protection to your insurance coverage makes sense.

Demystifying Coverage

Protecting your property from an employee’s illegal actions is easier than you think according to AXIS because commercial crime insurance covers embezzlement, forgery, merchandise theft, and cash removal. The policy can also protect your company from non-employees for the following actions:

  • Forgery
  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Robbery

Clarifying Loss

One of the largest losses faced by businesses during the past two decades has been computer-based fraud, hacking, and fund transfers. While it is easy to claim the losses will never happen to you or harm your business, the computer damage has been spreading quickly to the point that even the very large businesses are no longer secure from the employee or third-party computer-based theft.

Whether you choose an insurance policy based on a discovery basis or loss sustained source, you can be sure your company is protected from business-related crimes when you purchase crime insurance for your commercial property. There are many options available to help you protect your future from standalone policies or commercial packages.