Month: August 2019

Protect Your Business With the Right Insurance

U.S. Risk Insurance

When it comes to protecting your valet business and its assets, what type of policy you have for insurance makes a big difference. Every establishment has a unique set of needs for coverage, which is why you want to look at valet parking insurance and what this type of plan can protect against. Learn more about this coverage and see how it may benefit you.

Running the Risks

A business that centers around parking vehicles can easily be at risk in many ways. Patrons are trusting your employees to keep their cars safe while in the care of your company. Unfortunately, as seen on U.S. Risk Insurance, there are many situations where you need comprehensive coverage. These scenarios include:

Theft of vehicles
Damage caused by employees
Damage caused by nature
A Costly Fix

In some cases, the damage done to vehicles is minimal. When an inexperienced driver tries parking a car and chips some paint off of the exterior when scraping a pole, it might not seem like a big deal. Sadly, these minor incidents can have huge price tags. The right insurance plan will help cover these costs so you don’t go broke.
Finding the best valet parking insurance for your business is a great move to make. Look at your options and protect yourself and your business from the unknown.

Offering Temporary Employees Quality Coverage

Manchester Specialty

The healthcare industry is one of the most mentally and emotionally demanding fields of employment, and employee turnover can be one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Medical facilities rely on the recruiting efforts of staffing companies to fill their labor needs, and as Manchester Specialty recommends, only working with partners that supply medical staffing insurance can help safeguard the investment of all involved.

Who Can Be Covered

A medical staffing agency usually deals strictly with healthcare professionals. These individuals can be employed across several disciplines and skill levels, such as surgeons, therapist, nurses, technicians, or doctors. Regardless of their function or job duties, the nature of the medical field opens each of these practitioners up to a range of liabilities and exposures.

What is Offered

A comprehensive medical staffing insurance plan will address the specific risks of the field and job placement. It should be applicable whether the employee is working at a hospital, nursing home, physicians office, or clinic. It should include coverage in the following areas:

General Liability and Package Policy
Professional Liability Coverage
Employment Practices Liability
Directors and Officers Liability
Workers Compensation
Regulatory Audit Coverage

Medical staffing companies provide a resource for healthcare facilities who are in dire need of medical professionals. By carrying an insurance policy that addresses the unique exposures of their operation, the staffing company is well-protected from financial loss.

Finding The Right Insurance Carrier For Your Business

Arroyo Insurance Services

There are plenty of insurance companies in Glendale offering similar coverages for your business. With so many options, you may be tempted to simply settle for the one with the lowest premium. While your budget certainly should factor in your decision, choosing the cheapest option just for the sake of doing so isnt always the best route to take. Here are two factors to consider when identifying the right insurance company.

Coverage Options

As previously stated, most insurance companies are going to offer similar coverages, but you want to make sure that those offerings align with your needs. If youre a manufacturer youre going to need different coverages than a real estate agent. The types of liability or property coverages youre going to need will vary depending on your industry and the insurer should have specific coverages for yours.

Customizable Policy

In addition, the insurance provider should be flexible enough to allow you to customize your policy as necessary to cover your needs. The ability to add, remove and combine coverages is critical, especially for small businesses who may have specific needs and tighter budgets. You should find out early on if a prospective insurer is willing to build your policy as your needs dictate.
According to Arroyo Insurance Services, its important that you have access to the necessary coverage options and to be able to combine them in a manner that works for you. Assess each potential insurance providers ability to work around your needs before signing up for your new policy.