Month: June 2019

What to Look for in Timeshare Property Insurance Plans

insurance programs for timeshare properties

When embarking on the exciting new adventure of owning a timeshare in a beautiful vacation destination, it is important that you do not forget to consider looking into insurance programs for timeshare properties. With specialized and full-value insurance that is specifically designed for the needs of timeshare properties and those who own them, you can rest easy. After all, that is what owning a timeshare should be all about.

A Couple of Questions for Your Insurance Broker

As you compare different insurance programs for timeshare properties, make sure to ask your insurance broker or agent a few pertinent questions.

1. How Much Liability Coverage Can I Expect? A solid insurance plan ought to have general liability insurance. However, with timeshares you may encounter a few unusual areas that need coverage. If the timeshare is in danger from hurricanes or earthquakes, look into umbrella liability coverage. If you serve on a timeshare association board, ask about liability insurance for directors and officers.

2. Is Workers Compensation Included? Since most timeshares come with hired staff to make sure the grounds and property are in good order, you may think you do not need to think about workers compensation.

However, in the event that residents or volunteers perform work and are injured, you could be liable for their damages. Check whether the insurance programs for timeshare properties cover workers compensation. With proper insurance coverage, you can better enjoy your relaxation time.

Three Business Coverages For Restaurants

albuquerque insurance agencies

Owning a restaurant can be hectic and thats not even including the crazy schedule, managing suppliers and dealing with unruly customers. With all that going on, making sure you have the right insurance coverage is probably the last thing on your mind. As you prepare to open your new restaurant, here are three basic coverages to ask about when interviewing Albuquerque insurance agencies.

General Liability Insurance

General liability protects you in case a third party suffers an injury or property damage on your premises. If they choose to bring a lawsuit against you, your policy would cover your legal costs including your attorneys fees, settlement and judgment amounts.

Property Insurance

As the name implies, property insurance protects your business property against damage or loss caused by certain events such as fires, storms, theft or vandalism. Your policy would pay to replace or repair your covered items which can include your building, landscaping, furniture, and digital property.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Restaurant employees face a lot of risks as part of their everyday jobs. If one of your employees were to get injured or become ill because of job-related activities, your policy would be there to cover the medical and rehab costs as well as any wages lost while he or she was unable to work.

With these coverages serving as your foundation, youre now ready to sign up for your full business insurance policy. Work with Albuquerque insurance agencies who possess the experience to help you craft the perfect policy.

Protecting Horse Events With Insurance

riding club insurance

Horse clubs can be an absolute delight for anyone who is a horse lover at heart. Many people don’t get regular chances to go horse riding or even see horses, so activities that are often organized by these clubs can lead to great excitement and adventure. However, this can lead to a number of accidents and liabilities. If you have a horse club which puts together public events, then you are at risk of claims. This is why its ideal to look into acquiring riding club insurance.

What Are the Risks?

There are many different shows and events that horse clubs can put together, but when opened to the public, the majority of activities are likely to involve:

Inexperienced riders
Those unfamiliar with how to handle horses
Younger people sometimes even children who are less responsible and aware
Third party property
A specific and extended schedule
Unusual surroundings for the horses
Nearby items and persons outside of your control

Any of the aforementioned items on the list could lead to problems. People who are less familiar with horses can end up getting hurt, leading to claims and medical bills. If something goes wrong and a horse ends up damaging property that belongs to someone uninvolved, you would be responsible for repairing or replacing that property. With so many things quite possibly out of your control or leading to accidents, riding club insurance is vital to protect those involved.

Protecting Your Accounting Business

Accountants E&O

Protecting Your Accounting Business

Some industries absolutely need a type of insurance that protects them in cases of errors and omissions, or E&O. Accountants E&O can offer your employees and business protection when clients file lawsuits for negligence or wrongful acts.

What Are Errors and Omissions Insurance?

In short, errors and omissions insurance is a form of professional liability that covers businesses that offer advice or services in the event a lawsuit is brought against them. These lawsuits can be the result of the following:



The financial damage to clients

Failure to provide a service

Incomplete or inaccurate work

Why Do Accountants Need E&O Insurance?

Accountants handle the monetary aspects of a business or an individual’s personal life. Therefore, mistakes are usually in the form of providing the wrong information, inaccuracies in the information or any advice that leads to financial difficulty for a client. For accountants, mistakes could end up costing clients money or other damages. To mitigate this risk, accounting businesses should have E&O insurance.

Offering Accounts Professional Protection

While people make mistakes, some can be more costly than others. An accounting mistake can lead to a lawsuit and damage the firms reputation. Fortunately, accountants E&O insurance means your business and your employees can be covered if a lawsuit comes about as a direct result of an accounting error.

Insurance for Equestrians

horse insurance

Horses are your life. You live for the smell of hay, the warm body of the gentle giant underneath you. Whether you show your horse and/or take them to the rodeo, what better way to take care of your tall friend than by investing in horse insurance?

Unconventional, but Worth It

If you’ve never thought about buying horse insurance before, you might be curious how it works. Well, there are a few ways that it can be used, but the bottom line is to find the use that works best for you. Some examples include:

Equine mortality and medical. This is a sad thought, but horses are as much of an investment as any other big purchase. Insurance will cover your horse in case of an emergency: If he needs medical help, surgery or passes away during an event.

General Liability. You have liability insurance to protect you from someone suing you if they’re injured at your home, and horse liability is much the same. If a third party is injured by your horse, you are covered from legal fees.

Theft. You would be devastated if your horse was stolen, and while no amount of money can replace him as an individual, you will at least be compensated.

Your horse is your pal and companion, but he is an expensive one. Make sure he’s covered from expensive fees in case something goes awry.