Month: January 2017

Finding Vegan Insurance for Your Business

Vegan insurance

If you operate a business that is based around serving the vegan community and those who work to defend and advocate for animals, you know how difficult it can be to balance competitive business practices with your mission to prevent cruelty. Your customers probably know too, because of the close-knit nature of this community and the important work that is done within it. When you operate a business that caters to the choice to embrace a vegan ethic and lifestyle, you need to be sure that you are working with an insurance company that meets your needs.

Insurance for Vegan Businesses

There are a variety of contingencies that you might have to plan ahead for as an operator of a vegan business, as well as a number of traditional risk management strategies that will suit your company well. The key is finding a provider that understands the importance of your mission and that can provide customized coverage for businesses like:

  • Vegan restaurants
  • Supermarkets and health food stores that cater to the community
  • Animal defense organizations and businesses

Insurance should be affordable for any company, which is why companies with a social mission need to find the insurance partners that are there to help support their mission. Vegan insurance is no different.

3 Reasons to Hire an Insurance Marketing Agency

agent insurance marketing

Is your insurance business thriving the way you’d hoped it would? If not, it could be because you don’t have a solid web presence. An agent insurance marketing agency can help. Consider the reasons to hire one.

You Save Time

When you are working hard to satisfy your current clients by helping them choose policies or filing claims, you likely don’t have much time to focus on your own marketing efforts. An agency can help by collaborating with you to create the website and social media presence you want and teaching you how to manage it effectively.

You Look More Professional

Even if you have time to dedicate to your own agent insurance marketing, you may not have the skills. If you aren’t well-versed in content management, web design and search engine optimization, it is a better idea to hire the professionals who are. They can create a professional website and make it easy for you to update on your own.

You Will See Results

The statistics speak for themselves. More than 60 percent of companies that have responsive web designs that work across all internet-enabled devices saw a rise in sales. Another 60 percent saw an increase in customers when they began using social media. The proof is in the percentages.

When seeking an agent insurance marketing company, look to online reviews, how long they’ve been in business and a portfolio to ensure you hire a reputable and professional company.

A Quick Guide to Group Health Insurance

insurance in CT

Under the Affordable Care Act, small business owners may be required to provide their employees with health insurance. Many business owners choose to provide group health insurance in CT.

What Is Group Health Insurance?

Group health insurance is available for employees of a company and extends to their eligible family members, such as spouses and children. As the employer, you select the plans to offer your employee and split the premium cost with him or her. Your employee must contribute a minimum percentage rate to the premium.

What Should I Cover?

When you purchase group health insurance in CT, you will choose from a bronze, silver, gold or platinum plan. Most employers provide policies that cover doctor visits, emergency services, dental and vision. The plan you choose must also meet HIPAA, COBRA, IRS and ERISA guidelines.

How Do I Decide on a Plan?

In large part, deciding which type of plan to offer your employees depends on how many you have and how much money you have. If you only have one or two employees, you should consider offers the best one possible to boost morale and make them want to stay with your company for years. If you have more than 50 employees but are still a rather new company, you may want to stick to the minimum outlined by the ACA.

Regardless of which plan you choose, always work with a professional agent when purchasing insurance in CT. Doing so protects both you and your employees.

Peace of Mind When Renting Your Cabin

Cabin insurance in Sevierville

Tennessee might be a land-locked state, but there’s no shortage of travel destinations. The eastern part of the state is home to a number of great place to stay. If you have a cabin you rent to guests, you need to make sure that you have cabin insurance in Sevierville that covers the perils you face.

Damage Covered by Cabin Insurance

Cabin insurance in Sevierville covers a number of different risks:

  • Accidental damage by tenants
  • Fire
  • Storms
  • Non-wear-and-tear issues, natural and manmade

Your insurance company can also help you assess your risk of floods and earthquakes to find the right policies that fits your needs. Talk to your agent about all the buildings on the property and other risks, such as a pool, to insure your entire property.

Your cabin insurance in Sevierville also covers injuries to guests and you can get an umbrella policy for landlords to cover high-hazard features of your property. You may want to talk to your insurer about a policy to cover the rental income in case it ceases due to a covered cause, such as fire.

Work with your insurance company to reduce the risks on your property to prevent claims, but make sure you have the coverage in case the worst happens. Protect your assets and have peace of mind.

Tips for Choosing the Best Insurance Company

insurance companies in Connecticut

Insurance plays a huge part in your driving experience. It’s what keeps you financially secure in the event that an accident does happen to occur, and offers other parties involved the protection they deserve as well. Therefore, choosing insurance companies in Connecticut is an important process, and one that you should take your time with. When looking to find the best possible insurance company for your needs, use the following tips to help you choose a winner:

  • Consider experience above all else. Insurance companies in Connecticut that have more experience with implementing policies and working with clients are more likely to be able to work with you more effectively and work out a policy that’s perfect for you.
  • Variety is the spice of life, and it has the power to make your experience with your agency so much better. Choose the company that has a wide variety of coverage options to completely personalize your plan.
  • Choose the company that offers a personalized experience. This means they’ll allow you to talk to a real person instead of simply filling out online forms, and take the time to get to know you before asking for your business.

Finding insurance companies in Connecticut that offer all of these qualities might be tough, but it’s certainly possible. Finding the right company for your needs can take a while, but in the end it’s definitely worth the effort.

Policy Options and California Yacht Insurance

California yacht insurance

Those interested in buying a yacht for recreational sailing will often purchase one of these powerboats, ranging in length from 33 feet to hundreds of feet long. Those larger yachts often come with multimillion-dollar price tags, but in general, you can expect to spend anywhere from several hundred thousand dollars to about $1 million. This is a lofty expense and should be protected with California yacht insurance.


Deciding on a policy


Insurance coverage for yachts is standard under most circumstances. Perhaps the best way to protect your investment is with an agreed value policy with physical damage protection for the hull, comprehensive coverage for other kinds of damage or loss, and standard liability coverage. Yet, there are significant differences in yacht policies that need to be addressed to fully protect your investment.


Consequential damage


The first coverage to give serious consideration to is consequential damage. This applies whenever a yacht is disabled by engine failure and suffers resulting hull damage. Although hull damage is covered in most policies (as a result of a storm or other event), it may not be when it is a consequence of mechanical failure. That makes it important to ask for consequential damage coverage to ensure your craft will be repaired to its previous condition.


Parts Depreciation


When youve owned your yacht for several years or longer, and you wind up experiencing a loss you must now deal with depreciation in the value of parts. Thats because the parts lose value as the boat ages, and most insurers will cover only the depreciated value of the part and not the full cost of replacing it. Different parts depreciate in value at different rates, and insurers also vary in how they factor depreciation for a part.


You have a valuable watercraft and you deserve the type of protection youve come to expect. Speak to your agent about any questions or concerns you may have regarding your california yacht insurance.


3 Types of Insurance You Need for Your Staffing Agency

staffing agency insurance

Running a staffing agency is a unique affair, and therefore has many unique challenges during everyday operations. This is why you need specific staffing agency insurance in order to get your business done confidently and safely in the coming years. Gaining a thorough understanding of the coverage options available to your business and how they can make your business more secure in the coming years is crucial if you want to make the most of your business in the future. The following options may be just what you need to keep your agency on track:

1. General Liability. This will protect your business from a wide variety of claims that might occur when you send them out to other companies to get their respective jobs done. This typically includes legal expenses associated with claims of property damage and comparable offenses.

2. Abusive Acts Liability. This protects your business in the event that customers or employees accuse you of abusing them, physically or mentally, or have caused them to become sick, exploited mental disorders, and much more.

3. Owned Auto Liability. This keeps your company vehicles protected while theyre out on the job.

Each of these staffing agency insurance coverage options can benefit your business and keep you on a safe track regarding operations and finances in the years to come.

Getting Your Bar Liquor Liability Coverage

bar liquor liability coverage

If you operate a business in the restaurant and hospitality industry, then you know how important alcohol sales can be to your bottom line. For many restaurants and practically all bars, alcohol sales power profits as customers congregate to make use of the social spaces you cultivate. Turning a profit can be difficult, though, when there are so many potential sources of liability that could compromise your business. That is why it is important to get your restaurant or bar liquor liability coverage. That way, you know you are protected.

What Liquor Liability Coverage Handles

When you take out dram-shop coverage for your business, you have a way to manage both the risks that come from serving alcohol to customers and the risks that come from possibly being associated with actions that result from their choices after consuming that alcohol. That includes:

  • Injuries to themselves or others
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Other property damage

When you work with professionals who understand your coverage needs, it is easy to fold your bar liquor liability coverage into the other forms of coverage that your entertainment and hospitality business needs. That way, you can make sure that your liquor liability is handled efficiently, without having to go out of your way to locate an extra provider.