Month: December 2016

4 Reasons to Have Legal Liability Insurance

legal liability insurance in Austin

Lawsuits are a plague to any business in any industry, but when you work in the legal business, taking part in this sort of altercation can seriously damage your business’s reputation and lead to a huge loss of cash flow that you need to keep business moving forward. That’s why having legal liability insurance in Austin is imperative to maintaining a healthy legal firm. These services are designed to help law firms of all shapes and sizes protect themselves against threats involving malpractice lawsuits and other challenges both common and uncommon in this line of work. There are many reasons to invest in this particular type of insurance, including:

  1. These services take any prior acts and accusations you might have had into account, and protects you from them if you happen to find yourself in court.
  2. If you’re subjected to a subpoena, your insurance agency will assist you with the cost and gathering of the information itself to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.
  3. Your insurance agency will support a certain amount of disciplinary defense, to ensure you’re getting the best protection possible.

These are but a few of the great benefits you’ll have when investing in legal liability insurance in Austin. Speak to a professional to learn more about what your firm has to gain from this investment and get the protection you need right away.

The Often-Overlooked Auto Insurance That Could Save Your Staffing Firm

Hired, non-owned auto insurance

Hired, non-owned auto insurance is one kind of insurance that might have slipped your mind when creating your company’s policy. However, as a staffing firm, your employees may use hired vehicles more often than traditional businesses in order to meet the demands and relocation requirements of their various placements. Buying the insurance offered by car rental companies with high daily and weekly rates can add up quickly. And, allowing members of your staff to drive uninsured can end up costing much more if an accident were to occur.

What is Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance?

Hired and non-owned auto insurance covers you against any damages incurred when employees are driving vehicles that are not directly owned by the staffing firm. Your employees are covered not only when they are driving for work related directly to the staffing firm, but contractor are also covered while on placement with a client. In addition, they are covered when using their own vehicle or a client’s vehicle for work purposes. This extensive coverage plan lets you rest easy knowing that, come what may, your company is protected.

Hired, non-owned auto insurance is created with the unique needs of staffing agencies in mind. Contact a reputable insurance specialist to discuss your options, and make sure your firm has the comprehensive coverage it needs.

Why Choose a Carmel Commercial Package Policy?

Carmel commercial package policy

For those familiar with the bundling of insurance for small businesses, a Carmel commercial package policy works similarly to a business owners policy (BOP), except that a BOP has more limitations and covers fewer areas of risk. The reason why so many companies might prefer a commercial package policy (CPP) is because they are typically written for small to medium sized businesses with specialized risks. Also, the selection of coverage is a bit broader than the lines of insurance coverage available in a BOP, and you can base it on your particular companys needs.

Various policies available under CPP packages

Property insurance coverage will protect your real property (buildings or structures) whether you own or lease, along with business personal property (this includes betterments and improvements to real property), and any inventory exposures are covered as well. You can also choose to insure any real property for replacement cost value or actual cash value. This coverage can also be tailored to fit your individual needs.

General Liability (GL) insurance is kind of the foundation of most insurance packages, both BOP and CPP. This policy helps protect your assets by providing defense against a variety of claims for alleged negligence or wrongdoing. As always, this is subject to any agreements and exclusions contained within the policy. Your GL coverage is designed to keep your operations running smoothly and without major interruption.

Depending on your type of business you may want to include inland marine coverage. This is property insurance designed for property in transit over land, certain types of moveable property, instrumentalities of transportation (such as bridges, roads, and piers, or communication (such as television and radio towers), and legal liability exposures of bailees. Many inland marine policies provide coverage without regard to the location of the covered property; these are sometimes called “floater” policies.

Other coverages to consider include equipment breakdown, business interruption, crime insurance, umbrella liability, and employment practices liability. There is a range of other policies that may also benefit your business, all of which you can discuss with an agent, and determine exactly what falls in line with the type of services or products your company provides.

There are some standard policies that cannot be included in your Carmel commercial package policy, and these include directors and officers, health and disability, life insurance and workers compensation coverage, all of which, if needed, can be purchased separately. Speak to an agent about all of your insurance needs.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from the Dangers of the Road

car insurance in ct.

The world can be a dangerous place. There is no way to predict when an unfortunate event might befall you or someone you care about. Thousands of people end up in the hospital every year as a result of car accidents. Good coverage might end up being a lifesaver in such a situation. If you’re searching for high-quality car insurance in ct., there are many different types of plans available. The following options are becoming increasingly popular and affordable.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical bills can be very expensive, but the right auto insurance can help give you or any other passenger in the insured vehicle the care they need during an emergency. Nothing is more important than your health; improper coverage can result in physical concerns that will last for the rest of your life.

No-Fault Coverage

Many people assume that if they are the cause of an accident, they will not be covered by their auto plan. This isn’t always the case. No-fault coverage compensates for personal injuries no matter who officially caused the fender bender.

Certain types of car insurance in CT. contain gaps and pitfalls that are not worth the monthly expenditure. Finding a good plan is vital for the proper protection of yourself and those you care about, however. Taking the time to search for affordable and comprehensive coverage can give you peace-of-mind while on the road.

A Short Survey of Surety Bonds

surety bonds in NJ

Working with contractors of any kind can be stressful. It is not necessarily a matter of trust as much as it is a matter of radical contingency. Understandably, you probably want to guard against the possibility that the project might falter. Human beings have relied on suretyships since as far back as 2750 BC in the so-called cradle of civilization known as Mesopotamia. Nearly 5000 years later, surety bonds in NJ remain just as essential for protecting against a breach of contractual obligations.

Taxonomy of Bonds

There are, as you may have guessed, different kinds of bonds just as there are different kinds of potential mishaps. The following are a few of the bonds you can expect to find:

  • Bid Bond
  • Performance Bond
  • Payment Bond
  • Labor and Materials Bond
  • Maintenance Bond

Of these, you might be interested in the performance bond as it offers financial protection if a contractor fails to fulfill his or her duties in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement. Be sure to consult an expert when choosing the right surety bond.

Time Sensitivity

As you may know, surety bonds in NJ (or anywhere for that matter) are time sensitive, and thus it is important to find a company that can provide a cost-effective bond in as short a time as possible. Once again, you probably should contact a surety company that can help point you in the right direction without much delay so you can keep a tight schedule for your project.

Running a Specialized Manufacturing Operation and Vegan Food Insurance

Vegan food insurance

The vegan community has a distinct set of rules when it comes to the foods that they eat and what should be considered as a substance that is fit for consumption. But, food aside, when it comes to running a specialized manufacturing operation they have all of the same issues as non-vegan entities regarding liabilities and other concerns that must be considered, addressed and insured against. Vegan food insurance protects owners from a number of risks related to operating a business of this type.

A manufacturer must operate efficiently to be successful, but also protect itself from the possibility of anything happening that could perhaps threaten lives or cause insurmountable damage, as well as ensure that they are running an operation that is deemed safe for customers and employees, making safety a priority.

Liability risks, inherent in any business model, may, for example, exist in the form of employment practices related issues. Owners need to train managers regarding the handling of situations involving employee allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, and wage and hour disputes, along with other problems that may crop up.

The list of exposures can be lengthy

Taking the time to analyze any property exposures is critical as well. As a vegan food manufacturer, you have a significant investment in the building you occupy and the equipment you own or lease that can be damaged fromfire or other types of catastrophes related to natural disasters or unforeseen incidents. Imagine if a car or truck plowed into the front of your building. People could be injured and the facility would likely have to close down for repairs.

It is not only the cost of getting the property back to where it was and equipment operating again, but also your business interruption exposure can be significant. You may experience loss of revenues when customers, impatient for you to get back in operating condition, seek other venues for their vegan products.

And of course, the food itself must meet stringent protocols in order to be defined as fit for vegan consumption. So along with everything else you must deal with, there’s always the possibility of a product recall, or worse, something getting through that does not fit the criteria of what may be suitable for vegan consumption, which could lead to claims against your establishment. You are going to require vegan food insurance to help get through some more of the difficult aspects of operating under such strict guidelines.


Preparing for Malpractice Charges With Legal Insurance

legal malpractice insurance in Austin

Despite your best interests as a lawyer or manager of a law firm, the amount of conflicts of interest that can develop between law firms is alarming. Whether certain firms are being acquired due to poor supervision or whether any exposures result from mergers, the conflicts that arise can lead to malpractice lawsuits. Even though you spend so much time offering legal counsel and advice to help clients with family law, trusts and estates, business contracts and more, its still likely that you’re going to face a malpractice lawsuit here and there. In fact, the American Bar Association has proven that any lawyer should expect to go through at least three. For that reason, find excellent legal malpractice insurance in Austin so that you stay protected.

Choosing the Right Insurer

The best insurers in the area will be able to offer you far more than damages protection. If they pool their resources from a variety of trusted insurance companies, they’ll even be able to offer you some of the following services.

  • Prior acts coverage
  • Nonpracticing extended reporting form for attorneys who have retired or have ceased practicing law
  • Subpoena assistance and more

With the right legal malpractice insurance in Austin, no malpractice charges will harm your business. Take the time to research and choose the best insurance provider that you can for the most versatile array of services.

Reasons Behind Bailee Coverage for Transportation Specialists

bailee coverage

As a bailee in the transportation industry, you temporarily assume control and take possession of a customers’ property as part of your day-to-day functions. In doing so you take on a considerable amount of risk in providing a service to safeguard and protect your clients merchandise while it is in your custody and control. You are not likely to be in actual control of such cargo as it travels to different locations and destinations but you maintain responsibility for its safekeeping.

Having bailee coverage protects you in the event that the merchandise in your care winds up lost, damaged, or stolen. The policy responds to physical loss or damage of property in your care, custody or control, without regard of negligence. The transportation industry remains one of the integral parts of commerce in the US as well as the world. Without it, goods would not be available in cities and towns across the nation and this would reduce potential sales of such items totaling costs in the billions.

The definition of bailee coverage

Bailee coverage can be described as inland marine coverage on property entrusted to the insured for storage, repair, or servicing. It is typically purchased by businesses such as dry cleaners, jewelers, repairers, furriers, etc. It is considered one of the most often overlooked, but vital coverages available. Bailees coverage is vital for any business that has the property of others in their care while performing work for that customer. For example, if a customer entruststheir contractors with the removal and care of property, in their home while repairs are performed, the contractor would be the bailor.

This type of insurance coverage includes property that is on the bailees premises or is in transit to or from different locations. Numerous covered perils are typically included in bailees insurance, for example, damage due to fire, explosion, flood, earthquake, lightening, burglary, theft, robbery, collision, or destruction or damage resulting from transportation.Coverage commonly excludes damage to property as a result of insects or vermin.

Obviously, customer satisfaction is at the core of any successful enterprise and bailee coverage is a type of guarantee that, should anything go wrong, there will be compensation for losses that occur.