Month: November 2016

What Does Lawyers Liability Insurance Cover?

lawyers liability insurance

Many lawyers are likely to face accusations of professional misconduct at some point during their career. Lawyers liability insurance is designed to protect legal professionals from inadvertent mistakes so that their professional career remains intact.

Risks This Insurance Covers

There are many situations lawyers liability insurance is designed to cover. Generally speaking, however, it is designed to provide coverage from wrongful acts that are committed while providing legal services. Many other situations that are related to practicing law are also covered under these policies, such as:

  • Services rendered while acting as a notary public
  • Services provided as a title agent or agency
  • Acting as a trustee while providing a client with services
  • Acting as a member or a director of a legal professional organization

Every policy differs based on the lawyers specific roles and the type of law they practice.

When to Acquire a Policy

As with any risk, it is better to be covered rather than to wait until a problem occurs. For this reason, lawyers should make sure they acquire a professional liability policy soon after they begin practicing in a legal capacity. Legal professionals who have yet to obtain one of these policies may benefit from speaking to an insurance professional in their area about their options.

3 Perks of Getting Insurance From a Local Company

insurance in VA

When getting insurance in VA, all options need to be considered. There are national organizations that can assist your family or business. However, it might be better to buy local.

1. Get to Know Your Agent

When you buy local, you actually get to meet your representative. This establishes a sense of trust between you and the insurance company. You also feel as though you can really rely on this organization.

2. Get Information Related to Your Territory

With national companies, you may get a sense of what average rates are given across the country. However, a local business can give you vital information about trends going on in your specific city. This also opens up the possibility of getting some nice discounts.

3. Faster Turnaround Time

In the event you need to utilize your insurance policy, you can typically get in touch with someone much more quickly than with a national company. For example, if you need to use your auto insurance policy, you can have an agent assess the damage within a timely manner.

A local agent can really be an asset when you need to use your insurance in VA. In the event you need to use your policy, you are going to need every benefit you can get for the time being.

Pollution and Insurance For Contractors in Clifton New Jersey

insurance for contractors in Clifton New Jersey

Contractors working in the Garden State must deal with many pollution concerns stemming from the operations performed at their job sites. This can include everything from the accidental release of oil or fuel, along with the task of disposing of contaminated soil, chemicals, and any release of toxic gasses emitted from broken pipelines. This demonstrates the need for insurance for contractors in Clifton New Jersey, and more specifically, contractors pollution liability (CPL) insurance, which helps protect a wide range of pollution risks associated with these types of construction projects.

What does CPL cover?

CPL insurance is issued on a non-admitted basis and provides insurance for third-party claims for bodily injury and/or property damage, as well as remediation costs stemming from pollution incidents resulting from the contractor’s covered operations. General contractors performing commercial or residential work need CPL coverage, whether it’s for a municipality, highway and/or road building and repair, work repairing the infrastructure, or general maintenance. This also includes mechanical work, demolition, industrial jobs, excavation, and grading.

In addition, trade contractors (HVAC, paving, carpentry, concrete), specialty contractors (foundation, pipeline and tank installation, drillers), and remediation contractors all have similar exposure concerns from the type of work they perform as well.

CPL insurance helps protect these entities from any liability and financial loss that can result when a covered operation results in a pollution incident. This coverage also allows companies to create a custom environmental insurance program that insures their projects against pollution risks, including all project contractors, off-site transportation and exposures at non-owned locations, all of which makes this policy extremely beneficial.

The CPL policy is an important component of any contractors insurance portfolio as it provides coverage for third party liability resulting from bodily injury, property damage, defense costs, and clean-up as a result of pollution conditions, whether accidental or gradual, caused by contracting operations performed by, or on behalf of the contractor.

Affordable protection

The CPL policy provides insurance for both large and catastrophic losses at a premium that is very reasonable. TheCPL product has now been expanded to address all major construction exposures, including job site risk, real estate related risk, disposal, and transportation. Speak to an agent about any questions or concerns related to this product.

Why You Need Data Insurance on Your Side

big data insurance

If you’re running a business in the modern market, the odds are that, regardless of what type of operation you’re running, you rely on computers, phones and other forms of technology to keep up with a variety of data. This data is necessary to keep your business running. However, it can also sometimes be sensitive, opting criminals to invade your privacy. This is why you need big data insurance on your side. In the event that a breach of virtual security occurs, these services step in to take care of your company in several key ways, such as:

  • Taking care of press matters in the aftermath of a breach. Convincing both employees and customers that you’re still a reliable source of goods and services after such issues is a must, and big data insurance can make this happen.
  • They can handle the expenses caused by the interruption to your regular business operations. Whether its prevention or compensation, you can expect the best possible care.
  • Keeping watch over customers credit in the aftermath of a breach. This helps you retain any customers that might have been impacted by the difficultyand shows them that you still mean business where their privacy is concerned.

These are a few benefits which no modern business can do without. To learn more about what big data insurance has to offer your business, speak to a professional at your chosen agency.

Identifying Unique Risks in Home Coverage

home insurance in Connecticut

Seeking home insurance coverage can be tricky. Nobody wants to underpay, but you certainly don’t want to skimp on coverage and regret it later. One of the best ways to find the right policy and get the insurance you need is to identify any unique risk factors that may inform your policy. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, for example, take this into account when seeking home insurance in Connecticut. Approaching insurance in this way can help you stretch your budget.

Consult With an Agent

It is a good idea to consult with an insurance agent to hear what coverage they recommend and what risk factors they identify. Their experience may provide valuable insight, including the following:
What claims are most common in your area
Weather and other location-specific factors to consider
What policies are most popular for similar profiles

Get the Most Out of Your Insurance

Taking the time to consider these factors can help you get the most out of your home insurance in Connecticut. Rather than spending on coverage you dont need, you can focus your budget on covering the risks that are the most relevant to your home and your unique situation. This will save you money and keep you safer in the long run.

Growing Your Business Using Agent Insurance Marketing

agent insurance marketing

In order to gain more clients, boost sales and grow as a business, your agency needs to implement good marketing practices. Without marketing, you may find that your leads run out and growth stagnates. High-quality agent insurance marketing can ensure that your business is visible to a larger audience. In order to do so, it is wise to implement a few strategies.

Get Online

Millions of people are online every day, either on their computers or smart phones. If your business is not online, you may be missing a huge opportunity to market your agency. Creating a website is a great place to start and eventually, you can add to your online presence through advertising.

Implement Social Media

In addition to a website, creating a social media presence can also attract potential clients. Setting up a profile on several of the major social media platforms allows you to share information about your services and connect with locals.

Consider Your Content

The information that you provide online should be thoughtfully considered. You want those who view your website or engage with you on social media to view you as an expert, making it essential to create content that is actually relevant to the services that you provide.

Agent insurance marketing can be just what your business needs to grow, especially if you are willing to put in the work and get help when you need it.

Advantages of Purchasing A Business Owners Policy

business owners policy

Every business owner needs to take the time to consider what insurance policies he or she needs and how much coverage will be sufficient for their company and the type of work that they do. There are, of course, many options available and every company may have different answers to these questions. On the other hand, you can choose to purchase policies separately or bundle certain coverages and this has its advantages. The business owners policy (BOP) is geared to helping small businesses handle some of their more basic insurance needs.

As a business owner, you should be aware that a BOP can help protect your company in the event of property damage, business interruption, or any major legal issues that may arise. These policies are bundled together in one package and allow you to buy multiple policies at a discounted price. A standard BOP policy equipped with property coverage helps protect against a specific list of perils. For example, if your building, or its contents, including merchandise, is destroyed in a fire you’ll be covered. This includes other disasters such as wind, hail, water damage, or vandalism.

You can determine whether to insure for replacement value rather than actual value. The premiums may be a bit higher for replacement cost, but the extra expense may be well worth it to you, especially if it means getting back on track sooner. You may even be able to offset any extra expense by reducing certain types of risks inherent in your business in order to help lower your premiums.

Liability coverage should be a high priority

If someone were to become injured while on your premises, let’s say by one of your employees or due to one of your products, then you’ll need liability coverage to help pay any expenses. It’s useful for paying any medical costs associated with injuries to parties involved or to defend against a liability claim, even in those times when a claim has no merit.

Business interruption or stoppage

If your business operations are interrupted due to a disaster of some sort, whether a power outage, major storm or other unforeseen events, this coverage will help replace any lost income and/or expenses. There are numerous risks and exposures related to running your company and a business owners policy provides answers to these concerns.