Month: October 2015

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Insurance

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Insurance

Several businesses pay expensive premiums for insurance. While most companies feel like insurance from Martin Financial Group is a valuable investment, it can be tempting to go without this necessity. Here are three reasons why your business should strongly consider the right insurance.

  1. Accidents Happen – Arguably the top reason to invest in insurance is because accidents happen. Even with top safety measures and a small amount of employees, mistakes are likely. It’s hard to be perfect all of the time – even if you are striving to be. Insurance can protect you if you make an unfortunate mistake.
  2. One Person Could Put You Out of Business – Many people assume that they have great customers and employees who are not likely to sue. Regardless of how great your relationship, lawsuits are likely when things go wrong. Also, it only takes one person to file a lawsuit that could put you out of business. Protect yourself with insurance from Martin Financial Group in case this happens.
  3. Exclusions Are Common – If you have a general liability policy, you may not be fully covered. Certain exclusions could prevent you from filling a claim and getting the money you need during an emergency. For this reason, it is important to evaluate your risks and insure accordingly.

For help insuring your business, contact Martin Financial Group. Their qualified insurance agents can help you determine what coverage is right for your business.

Personal and Business Insurance Solutions in Virginia

Personal and Business Insurance Solutions in Virginia

Many people in Virginia don’t have the proper insurance they need. There are various types of personal and business plans available that are necessary to protect yourself and your assets. It’s important to take some time to learn about the coverage available to you and talk to insurance agents in Virginia.


When it comes to personal insurance you have a few different areas you can cover. There is coverage for automobiles and boats. These are important to have especially in the case of an accident or theft. Homeowners’ insurance can cover liability, dwelling replacement, personal contents replacement, and coverage for your valuable items. You’ll want life insurance if you want to keep your loved ones financially stable once you’re gone.

Business Coverage

Owning and operating a business is tough and comes with continuous challenges. Be prepared for whatever may come your way with these plans:

  • General liability
  • Bonds
  • Automobile
  • Cyber liability
  • Workers compensation
  • Property insurance

Talk to an AgentSoon

The world of insurance can be complicated to figure out on your own. Contacting insurance agents in Virginia is the best thing you can do to learn what plans you need and how to get them. Don’t wait until a catastrophe happens or it may be too late. No matter your personal or business needs you can get the proper insurance coverage with the help of an agent.

The Risks Hotels Face

Hotel Insurance Knoxville, Tennessee

In order for a hotel to remain viable, it is going to need the right types of insurance to stay protected against certain liabilities. There are numerous risks hotels face, so get the best hotel insurance in Knoxville, Tennessee to stay safe.

Food-Borne Illness Liability

If your hotel has a continental breakfast or serves food in any way, you are going to need food-borne illness liability to cover you in case your food gets contaminated and makes patrons sick. If a guest gets sick as a result of your food, you could be facing a hefty lawsuit, so do not get caught without this.

Liquor Liability

This is a necessity for any hotel with a bar. If a guest causes property damage of becomes overly intoxicated, you will need insurance to cover the cost of any damages and any impending lawsuits.

Cyber Liability

Chances are good that your hotel keeps every customers files stored on a computer system. If that security is compromised, you will be responsible for covering guests credit protection services. You may also need to deal with harsh penalties as a result of your negligence.

Various other types of insurance are required for motels, so review everything you need to make your lodging operational, and then get all-encompassing hotel insurance in Knoxville, Tennessee. You will be glad you did in case something comes up.