Month: September 2015

Keywords are Key to Insurance Search Engine Marketing

Keywords are “Key” to Insurance Search Engine Marketing

When insurance prospects are busy looking to find a new agent, agency, or type of policy, many of them will search using particular words or “keywords”. For example, prospects will type a particular insurance product into their Google browser and a list will then show up in the results of their search. If your agency wants to be on page one as an organic result this is done through Insurance Search Engine Marketing. This is referred to as organic Insurance SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The results are based on relevance to that search request.

Making use of long tail keyword phrases

Insurance SEO, when properly implemented, will provide your agency with excellent lead generation opportunities. The first step of this process involves a comprehensive keyword analysis. SEO specialists will help your agency analyze and select the best long tail keywords to use for your website. Long tail keyword phrases are three to five words in length, and are common phrases associated with your services that prospects and visitors to sites may use. For example, “New York business insurance”, or “Professional Liability Insurance for architects” are just two sample phrases.

Content is the key to keywords

Remember that the more content your site contains, the more likely one of your website pages will be found for a given search query. By now, search engine users have become much more specific and sophisticated with the search terms they are using. There are many SEO solutions available that focus primarily on local searches. There are those that specialize in platforms or technology, as well as companies that promote link building, and still other types of services are available to choose from.

When deciding on your Insurance Search Engine Marketing provider, select a company that understands the insurance business and the products and services distinct to your brand. Your agency will best be served by someone with access to insurance SEO and marketing programs that will ensure improved web presence and increased insurance leads. Your best bet is to invest in relevant, high quality content along with a professional social media marketing initiative that will compliment your SEO efforts.

Safe Boating Practices and Recreational Marine Insurance

Safe Boating Practices and Recreational Marine Insurance

For those clients that require your help in obtaining and maintaining the very best in Recreational Marine Insurance, you need a company with extensive knowledge and a long history of providing products and services to agencies operating in these sometimes complex, murky waters.

When it comes to marine insurance, operators will feel more comfortable knowing that they’re being backed by a company that understands the importance of having comprehensive loss control measures in place. This can go a long way when it comes to providing help to assist with mitigating injuries, accidents and other losses that might possibly occur. In addition, risk management planning will be needed to help determine how best to transfer risk, minimize exposures, and reduce costs over the long run.

Distinguishing your agency in the recreational marine marketplace

It helps to know that you’re partnering with a network of financially strong admitted and non-admitted insurers that enables you to get comprehensive, flexible coverage with broad policy terms and competitive pricing. After all, don’t your clients deserve to have superior service designed to respond to their needs?

Areas of coverage can include marine general liability, which often combines marine liability with general liability, premises liability, and products & completed operations, as well as damage to premises rented by the insured. Most coverage plans can also be tailored to include contractual liability, sudden & accidental pollution, non-owned and hired auto, stop-gap, employee benefits liability and liquor liability.

This kind of all-inclusive Recreational Marine Insurance policy will meet the needs of most of those people who own or operate watercraft and have concerns about any risks or exposures that they may face. There’s no question that taking steps to promote boating safety, especially when waterways are most crowded, can potentially have a significant impact on saving lives.

Safe boating practices should be the number one aim of all watercraft operators and this can only come from active participation in ongoing safety education and training, as well as hands-on boating experience. By understanding and obeying navigational rules and safety procedures, participants can help reduce injuries and property damage.

Atlanta Professional Liability Insurance Provides Peace of Mind

Atlanta Professional Liability Insurance Provides Peace of Mind

During the busy tax season many accountants realize they are quite possibly prone to making more errors due to their heavy workload. That can also mean increased exposure to liability claims resulting in litigation from clients. But even in the off-season, providing the same services can still result in errors and exposure to costly claims.

With lots of pressure coming from demanding clients, tight deadlines, and the exhaustion that may follow, the list of potential concerns goes on and on. Even with the proper best practices being adhered to, and risk management solutions in place, accountants should protect themselves with Atlanta Professional Liability Insurance.

Do your part to reduce exposures

Regardless the size of your firm you need to do everything in your power to reduce the risk of lawsuits occurring. While having solid relationships with many of your clients is a great advantage, most still won’t hesitate to take legal recourse if they feel the services provided failed to meet their expectations.

Keep in mind that defense costs alone can be costly, and this includes even in the most frivolous cases. So having a quality professional liability policy in place can be both cost-effective and help protect your business and its financial security.

Claims for failure to detect fraud, embezzlement and corporate impropriety, are all part of recent litigation trends that are noteworthy. While a good many of these claims include allegations against auditors, there are times when they are also asserted against tax preparers.

Clients will assume that their accountants and tax preparers can be held liable for failure to detect fraud, in which case the need to defend against claims related to the accountants’ conduct is all too apparent. As a general rule, tax preparers are only responsible for ensuring the proper tax treatment of a corporation’s transactions, and not for ensuring compliance with monitoring corporate governance.

Some basic best practices guidelines to have in place to help avoid complex mistakes, as well as help keep a firm’s finances and reputation intact include:

  • Creating an Engagement letter
  • Defining limitations of services from day one and enforcing them
  • Making sure invoices match the scope of the engagement since any embellishment could result in fraud risks, and
  • Staying informed and apprised of all IRS updates in the tax law and any revenue ruling from the IRS

Having a risk management plan in place, along with an Atlanta Professional Liability Insurance policy, can be key to having peace of mind all year long.