Month: April 2015

Cargo Insurance and Proper Packing for a Pest-Free Experience

Cargo Insurance and Proper Packing for a Pest-Free Experience

Why do you need cargo insurance in Florida? Many reasons, if yours is one of the estimated five or six million containers that are in motion across the ocean right now, and you are interested in protecting the goods, freight, or merchandise contained in the shipment from various types of damage or loss that can occur at any moment from the point of departure to delivery. Coverage can include foreign and domestic protection for a variety of risks, including theft, spoilage, actions taken by foreign regulators and customs officials, and more–for example, infestation.

The bugaboo of shippers worldwide

Infestation of cargo can occur when a number of issues are present, such as:

  • High moisture levels
  • Location of stored goods prior to shipment
  • Poor sanitation and storage methods of the goods
  • Residue from previous shipments left in the containers
  • Use of untreated packing materials

To combat pests, fumigation may be needed

Usually a gas containing methyl bromide and phosphine, fumigation is an effective means of pest control. It is used to eradicate pests which can multiply and damage or destroy a shipment completely by the time it reaches its destination. In fact, industry experts say fumigation is the most effective way to get rid of pests because the nature of gas is to diffuse and spread into every nook and cranny of a space, unlike spraying operations or other kinds of pest control that have a limited reach. A common practice, the process helps block the entry of exotic pests and diseases into the country, yet allows for the shipment to be cleared fairly quickly thereafter.

When to do it

Fumigation is most efficient and least expensive when it is handled at the port where the shipment is loaded. Upon reaching its destination, the container can be unloaded at the discharge port without fear of having unwittingly transported insects or parasites to the destination.

Talk to a professional insurance agent about cargo insurance in Miami. Your agent can give you excellent guidance about top-rated providers, policies, and also offer you practical information about how to get your shipment to its destination in good shape with the requisite paperwork to eliminate or minimize any costly delays in customs inspections. Call your agent today to learn more.

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Real Estate Agents

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you must be careful to avoid situations that could result in accusations that you made mistakes during negotiations with a buyer or seller. If someone were to file a lawsuit against you, chances are they may also file a complaint with the state real estate commission, which could result in having your license suspended.

Errors and omissions insurance for real estate agents is designed to protect you against financial losses from lawsuits filed as a result of your work in the real estate profession. Called E&O for short, this is a type of malpractice insurance coverage for real estate professionals.

You should realize that no matter how carefully you do your job you are constantly at risk, even from lawsuits filed against you that may be unfounded or frivolous. Also understand that legal expenses must be paid no matter who wins in court, and those costs can obviously be devastating to your finances, particularly if you own a small firm.

How to protect against E&O claims

First, you should keep accurate records of all transactions. Keep records of whether the buyer chose to purchase or forego home warranty protection. Also note if a buyer decides not to do a home inspection against your recommendations.

It’s not uncommon to ask your buyer to sign a statement that you recommended a specific action. This way, if they later complain that certain appliances don’t work on the day he or she moves in, your files contain the signed waiver, and therefore it’s no longer an issue that you need to address. Document as many facts as possible during your real estate transactions. It could help you later if your client becomes unhappy about some aspect of the sale.

When you have errors and omissions insurance for real estate agents, the insurance company defends the claim and will pay any settlement or judgment against you up to the limits of liability stated in the policy. Typical E&O coverage will only pay claims that are made during the policy period.

Common e&o exclusions include claims resulting in dishonest or criminal acts by you, claims associated with polluted property, and claims against you if you cause bodily harm or death to another person. Speak to an insurer that knows the business and can help you to make an informed decision on the type of coverage you need.

MPL Hunter Offers E&O Solutions

MPL Hunter Offers E&O Solutions

Firms representing the blossoming multimedia industry face a broad array of risks, everything from claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright and trademark infringement and other related concerns. This requires miscellaneous professional liability insurance (MPL) as a way of dealing with litigation that is brought forth through such claims. MPL Hunter (Huntersure LLC) provides brokers with the needed coverage for their clients whose businesses create or disseminate content as a part of their services.

Professional liability, commonly referred to as errors and omissions (E&O), is the only policy that covers the types of claims that may arise out of professional activities, including publishing, online operations, standard-setting, and other related association services.

The simple fact is that everyone, at one time or another makes mistakes. Even with the best risk management practices in place, errors will occur. For example, if an IT person accidentally erases vital or confidential files from a company computer, hundreds of thousands of dollars could be at stake, and who will the company expect to pay for the loss?

Not advising your client to purchase E&O is a serious mistake that could result in their experiencing serious financial damages. As you know, these types of losses are never covered under a general liability policy, and, even if your client is not at fault, the process of them going through a lengthy litigation can be both expensive and time consuming.

When should you offer E&O insurance as solution?

When your client faces these types of exposures, which should be well known at the outset of going into business, the best time for them to buy an E&O policy is before any issue arises. Many contracts they have with clients will likely require their having insurance of this kind in place. In some cases, it can be a selling point, so making E&O insurance a part of their insurance portfolio is the sound choice.

We all know that there are no “standard” policy wordings for E&O coverage. Have clients read carefully the policy carefully to make sure that the coverage being offered fits their particular exposures. Many professionals have exposures, but the same policy obviously won’t work for everyone. Speak to a reputable MPL Hunter agent about which types of MPL services they provide.

The Importance of Having Manufactured Home Insurance

The Importance of Having Manufactured Home Insurance

Manufactured homes, which include modular and mobile units, are affordable and convenient for many reasons. In order to protect your investment, having manufactured home insurance in California is just as important as having insurance for your other assets. When it comes to insuring manufactured homes, there are some special considerations to keep in mind that may differ from traditional homeowners insurance.

Manufactured Home Insurance Considerations

Most insurance companies will insure your manufactured home according to how it is used. Your policy may vary depending on whether it is your main home, a seasonal home, or you are renting it out to another party. Its location will also affect its insurance coverage. If it is located on private land you will have a different policy than if it was in a trailer park of some kind.

Depending on the age of the home, you may be able to insure it for replacement cost. This means that if there is a loss, it will be replaced with a property of comparable quality and material.

Find a Dependable Insurance Company

Not all insurance companies offer insurance for mobile and modular homes, and if you are looking for manufactured home insurance in California you want to find a respected and trusted company. Ask around for suggestions and consider getting quotes from a few different places before making a decision.

Why You Need Car Insurance, No Matter Your Budget

Why You Need Car Insurance, No Matter Your Budget

Car insurance is a wise idea no matter what your economic situation may be. You never know what could happen, and whether an accident is your fault or someone else’s, having auto insurance is a good idea to help protect your assets and your health. If you’ve got a tight budget, finding cheap car insurance in Tennessee is an important task that can help protect you, your passengers, and your vehicle no matter what happens.

Protect Your Assets

Even if you’re a good driver, having insurance can help to keep you and your assets safe from other not-so-good drivers. There are millions of other people on the road who could be texting, eating, falling asleep, not paying attention, or being just plain careless as they drive. Purchasing car insurance can provide you with a safeguard should the unpredictable happen, especially if the other party is uninsured or under-insured. Protecting your assets means that your home, retirement funds, stock investments, and more are safe from the possible financial ruin caused by an accident.

Protect Your Health

Car accidents happen every day in the U.S., and some are severe enough that serious injuries or death occur. Having vehicle insurance can help protect your health as some policies cover health-related issues resulting from car accidents, such as doctor visits, hospitalizations, or even dental care.

Whatever your budget or economic situation, purchasing cheap car insurance in Tennessee can mean gaining peace of mind and having a safety net, just in case.

Acquiring Medical Malpractice Insurance in Your Residency to Protect Your Future

Acquiring Medical Malpractice Insurance in Your Residency to Protect Your Future

If you have decided to become a doctor, then you have a long and exciting road ahead of you. Once you finish your undergrad work, you will need to get into medical school. If you want to specialize in a specific medical field, then you will also have to complete a residency. While it may take years to complete this exciting journey, there is a pretty big payoff at the end of the road. A career that pays you well to help people is something that you can take pride in. Once you begin your residency you will probably have to start making payments on your large student loans. At this point in your career, one of the smartest things that you can do for yourself is to purchase medical malpractice insurance.

Understanding the Statistics

It may surprise you to learn that in 1994, the Statistical Abstract of the United States stated that adults between the ages of 25 and 65 have a one in 10 chance of becoming disabled. This means that there is a decent chance that you could receive an injury or contract an illness that would make it impossible for you to earn enough money to pay off your loans. By doing a little research, you can find medical malpractice

Specialty Insurance for Real Estate Agents

Why You Need E&O Insurance for Real Estate Agents

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance for real estate agents is a kind of malpractice insurance. While you don’t hold someone’s life in your hand like a surgeon might, you do handle transactions that involve a lot of money. If you or your team make a mistake in the paperwork or fail to disclose an important fact, your business could be sued.

E&O insurance covers the costs of your defense if you have a claim that suggests you made an error, were negligent, or left something out during the transaction. There are limits, based on your policy. Typically, the E&O policy costs are based on the amount of sales that go through your office.

Even if your office is extremely diligent, mistakes can happen. You may not even be at fault, but the cost of a defense will likely cripple your business, if not completely put you under. If you are found to be at fault and have to pay out a large settlement, how would you pay it? Don’t take a chance with the company that you’ve built.

E&O insurance for real estate agents excludes dishonest or criminal actions, claims against bodily injury, and damage you cause to someone’s property. E&O insurance is an additional policy that’s part of the comprehensive coverage your business needs to protect your financial assets and reputation. Discuss your liability risks with a specialized insurance agent who can find the right policy for your needs.

Tips For Getting the Best Rates on Your Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Champaign County

When you’re purchasing auto insurance in Champaign County, it may seem like your rates keep going up. However, there are some things that you can do to keep your premiums as low as possible. While you can’t control your age, which is a factor in determining insurance rates, you can control some of the other elements.

One of the most important things you can do to control your insurance costs is to drive well. Making claims on your auto insurance in Champaign County is one of the key reasons your rates increase. Take a defensive driving class to learn better techniques for avoiding collisions. You may also get a discount on your insurance when you show your certificate to your insurance company.

Before you purchase your vehicle, check with your insurance company to make sure that it isn’t on the list of most stolen cars. This can raise your rates. According to Forbes, in 2013, the Honda Accord topped the list. A sports car may also have more risk and a higher premium. If you have your heart set on a particular car, ask your agent if adding safety features like anti-theft technology will reduce your insurance premium.

Work with your insurance agent to find the best insurance for your needs while meeting your budgetary constraints. Talk to the representative about discounts that you may qualify for. Don’t run the risk of being underinsured with your auto insurance in Champaign County.

Specialty Auto Repair Workers Compensation Insurance

Specialty Auto Repair Workers Compensation Insurance

With insurance taking a big bite out of the budget of your business, you need a way to control the cost. Find a broker that specializes in auto repair workers compensation insurance that understands your industry and can work with you to find a solution for your organization. Making your premiums affordable for you is just part of the service you get from your insurance company.

More than that, your insurance company provides services that help you reduce your risk of accidents. They understand the auto repair industry and have solutions that help prevent injuries on the work site. When you set up stringent policies that protect your workers, everyone stays safe. When an employee is injured, having an efficient return-to-work program will help you mitigate your costs of your auto repair workers compensation insurance.

Build a relationship with your insurance company to receive the assistance you need to help you manage the costs of your premiums. Your industry has specific needs and issues that make your premiums run higher simply due to the higher risks on the job. Partner with a great company that can provide comprehensive coverage and ideas for your business. Don’t risk your company and its assets by not carrying the insurance you need and protect your employees in case they are injured on the job. Talk to your agent about your options for insurance.

Choosing Miami Group Health Insurance Plans

Group Health Plans Insurance Miami

Employers at companies all over the state are constantly looking for the best options regarding Miami group health insurance plans. They devote a lot of time trying to choose the best group health plan available and must consider the entire pool of employees in order to come up with something to satisfy everyone’s needs, a daunting task at best.

But it can sometimes be difficult to understand the ins and outs of health insurance. What does one look for, when do you make changes, what factors are most important?

Involving employees in decisions that ultimately affect them is usually the best way to handle these types of situations. They will appreciate having input. Having an annual employee review process and using a few steps to guide them through the different parts of any group health insurance plan will help them in determining what might best work for them.

Price versus coverage

Employers should consider just how much choosing a good plan reflects on their ability to maintain employee retention. When picking group insurance plans, it’s easy to choose plans with the cheapest price tags, but this usually means you’re not getting very much, or even good, comprehensive coverage. Looking at coverage options first, and then how much a plan costs means you’re putting benefits ahead of savings.

In this way you’ll be able to determine and evaluate what’s most important to your employees and it will basically show them exactly what’s most important to you, aside from price. If, in the end, the price isn’t right, you’ll at least know what factors your workers truly desire and can try to find those options at a suitable price.

Seek sufficient coverage limits

Healthcare costs are continuing to skyrocket, and according to a recent study released in March 2013 by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), hospital care prices rose 8.2% per year from 2008 to 2010. Even though general practitioner bills are considerably cheaper than other healthcare, they’re still a part of rising healthcare costs as well. This increase in healthcare costs makes having the appropriate coverage limits in place essential, especially in the event of any catastrophic events.

When evaluating Miami group health insurance plans, review as many different plans as possible, and perhaps have your employees have a say in the final decision, especially since they’re the ones that will benefit most from the choices being made.