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What is Aegis Insurance Company?

What is Aegis Insurance Company?

Aegis Insurance Company has been a trusted coverage provider for almost four decades. Licensed in all 50 states and Washington DC, the company has a nationwide network of partners. Aegis specializes in health insurance, surety and accident coverage, and property and casualty insurance.

The Team

The company was founded in 1977 and values its experienced and knowledgeable workers. Aegis is dedicated to its customers and focuses on responsiveness, long-term relationships, discipline, and local expertise in order to accomplish its goals. Their team is dedicated to settling claims quickly and can even issue payments on the scene.


Aegis Security Insurance Company has a number of strict underwriting guidelines, as well as pricing models and rate adjustments that allow them to offer cost-effective plans to their consumers. Their insurance coverage is designed to be comprehensive without breaking the bank.

Specialty Insurer

The company focuses on niche areas and offers a high level of specialization. Products offered include everything from lottery surety bonds to homeowner explosion coverage. Each plan is unique and tailored for its holder.

Technology Advantages

With advanced and innovative technology, Aegis Security is capable of offering a number of different advantages over its competitors. A web-based rating system allows them to cater to customers needs, and careful use of technology allows them to increase the efficiency of claims resolution. Aegis Insurance Company has been serving its customers for almost forty years and will be continue to do so for many more.


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What to Include in Your Specialty Insurance Policy

Aegis General Insurance

There is often confusion underlying the things that insurance actually covers and what specialty items can be included in a policy. Whether a prized possession or an unoccupied dwelling, there are several items you may own that are left unprotected under your general auto or homeowner’s insurance policy. Here are the top three items that can be included when you arrange for specialty insurance through Aegis General Insurance Agency.

1. Motorcycle

You may think this would be covered under your automobile insurance but it often is not. Generally, your policy will only cover the vehicles that you regularly drive. Motorcycles are usually considered recreational. Since most riders take pride in their motorcycles and customized equipment, it is important to make sure they are fully covered by an insurance plan.

2. Collector Vehicle

Collectible and antique cars may be considered priceless heirlooms to some, but in a basic policy they may not be covered. Regardless of the model or year, specialty insurance can provide coverage to protect your pride and joy.

3. Unoccupied Dwelling

Whether you have moved out of your home to renovate it or your property is on the market, specialty insurance can protect your vacant home from fire, vandalism and theft as well as hail or wind damage.

Discover What You Can Get Covered

In addition to these three items that can be included in your Aegis General Insurance policy, you will find other things that can be covered as well, such as travel trailers and manufactured and specialty homes. Be sure to meet with a trusted agent to explore your options and possessions you can get covered.


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Disadvantages of Group Coverage for Doctors Disability Insurance

Doctors Long Term Disability Insurance

When thinking about getting doctors long term disability insurance, you may have the option of securing coverage from your employer. While you should most definitely take your employer up on their offer to provide you with coverage, you may also want to think about getting additional coverage on your own. The reason for this is that group coverage has some shortcomings you may not yet be aware of.

Disadvantages of Group Coverage

Once of the biggest disadvantages of getting long term disability group coverage is that your employer might offset disability benefits by any income received from social security disability insurance claims or workers compensation coverage. Youll also want to ask your employer whether or not they account for inflation with doctors longer term disability insurance coverage, otherwise you may need additional means of financial support should you ever have to file a claim.

Another common shortcoming with group coverage is that theres a possibility your coverage could be cancelled and your premiums raised. Also, group disability coverage may not cover any partial disabilities you suffer, which are much more common than complete disabilities.

If you already have group coverage, take a long and thorough look at your insurance plan and talk with your insurance provider to see if there are any holes that can be plugged with a long term disability policy of your own.



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Purchasing Car Insurance Antique Vehicles

Purchasing Car Insurance Antique Vehicles

If you have an antique car, there’s no blue book value on it. You need specialized car insurance that fits your vehicle. For insurance purposes, an antique car is one that is 25 years or older with authentic parts. Car insurance antique is for a vehicle that is driven to car shows, car clubs, and for the occasional weekend drive. You cannot use your antique car for everyday use. You have to have another vehicle that you use to commute, and you can’t use your antique car when your everyday car is in the shop.

Determining the value of your car is between you and the insurance company. It’s called an agreed value, and it does not depreciate. Your insurance premium is based on that value. Whether you drive your antique car or just display it, you should still have car insurance antique to cover the value of your car. Even if it just sits in the garage all winter, don’t suspend coverage. There might be a nice day when you’re tempted to drive to the beach. A storm could hit and damage the car in your storage place.

Work with an insurance company that provides antique car insurance for your vehicle. Make sure you accurately value it so that you are completely protected in case of an accident. Don’t compromise your safety or your car’s worth by driving without insurance.


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Why You Should Get a Commercial Liability Insurance Quote

Commercial Liability Insurance Quote

Commercial liability insurance is one of the most important types of coverage you can have for your business. Whether you operate a small start-up or a large corporation, here are a few reasons why you should get a commercial liability insurance quote as quickly as possible.

No Business Has Unlimited Funds

Even if you own an extremely successful company, the truth of the matter is that no business has unlimited funds, which is why insurance coverage is so important. One large lawsuit could potentially cripple your company if you are not prepared with adequate liability insurance coverage. In order to protect your company from facing the full brunt of litigation costs due to a lawsuit filed by a customer or vendor, it is important to get a commercial liability insurance quote.

Peace of Mind

When you are adequately covered by a quality commercial insurance policy, you can have greater peace of mind that your business is prepared to deal with unexpected situations. This peace of mind can help you focus on growing your business instead of worrying constantly about what would happen if a lawsuit were filed against you. Additionally, if your employees know that you care about getting adequate insurance coverage, they will have more confidence in your ability to take care of them if they become injured while on the job.

Because your business deserves to be properly protected, talk to your insurance agent about getting a commercial liability insurance quote today.


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Specialty Insurance for Construction Manager At Risk

Construction Manager at Risk

Serving as a construction manager at risk adds certain elements to the job that increase your liability. You need specialized and tailored insurance to cover those risks. Whether you’re an architect, contractor, or other professional in construction who is operating outside of the traditional agency construction manager, the insurance you need is often project-specific.

It can be difficult to find coverage when you are a construction manager at risk. Taking on additional financial constraints increases your risk of a lawsuit if anything happens and the project isn’t completed on time and under budget. It takes a special insurance company to help you find the underwriter that covers your specific project, whether it’s residential or commercial and under the terms of your own license and experience.

Not only are you liable for your own actions, but you may also be held liable for sub-contractors who work on your project. Make sure that you get enough insurance to protect your business by working with an insurance agent who knows and understands your industry and needs.

When you are taking on the role of a construction manager at risk, don’t take chances being underinsured. Use the resources of the insurance company to ensure you aren’t taking on too much risk. Find an agent that offers quotes and claims management and works with you to provide the right insurance for your budget.


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Businesses that Benefit from Bailee Insurance Coverage

Businesses that Benefit from Bailee Insurance Coverage

A bailment is a legal relationship between two people, the bailor, who turns over possession of personal property to the bailee, who’s generally someone in the business of repairing, restoring, or otherwise fixing the item(s) in question. Under this agreement, the bailee is under duty to return identical property to the bailor having done the necessary work, or informing the bailor that he or she was unable to complete the task.

Bailee insurance coverage comes into play when an item given over for services is lost or damaged and the bailee needs to make reparations. For example, if a customer drops off clothes that need cleaning to a dry cleaner and those same clothes are somehow damaged or cannot be found, the dry cleaners will be deemed responsible for the lost or damaged goods.

Why the need for Bailee Insurance coverage?

One of the conditions in a commercial property policy is that there is no insurance under the policy for the benefit of others who may have their property entrusted to you. For instance, if you have equipment at a vendor for repair and it is damaged, it is not likely you’ll be able to seek recovery under their commercial property policy. Your insurance company could settle with you, and using the rights of subrogation, proceed against the guilty party for reimbursement.

Liability of bailees

Other types of businesses, other than a dry cleaner, having bailment exposures would include jewelers and electronic repair businesses. When a bailment involves the transfer of property where no compensation is involved, it is referred to as a “gratuitous bailment.” For example, temporarily storing property belonging to your customers in a neighboring store or warehouse for any number of reasons, if the bailment is for the mutual benefit of both parties, the bailee is referred to as a “bailee for hire” or this is considered a commercial bailment agreement.

The degree of care required in a commercial bailment requires the bailee to use only the degree of care that an ordinarily prudent person would use in handling his or her own property. Due to this standard, the bailee’s liability is generally limited to loss or damage that results from the bailee’s negligence, so if the bailor’s property were destroyed in a fire, the bailee would not be liable for damage unless the bailee’s negligence were the cause of the fire.


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What Is a Carnet and Why Is It Important?

Carnet Insurance

Millions of tons of equipment, merchandise and other goods are transported around the world every year. Passing through customs with these items can be complicated and tedious. A carnet is a valuable document that makes this process much easier. Because of the crucial role of a carnet in international business, it is imperative to protect it with carnet insurance before traveling.

A Special Passport for Professional Equipment

Think of a carnet as a special passport for the tools of your trade. When you travel abroad to conduct business, to attend a trade show, to participate in a performance, to play professional sports or to use any sort of specialized equipment, you can avoid paying value-added taxes and international duties on your goods by providing them with a carnet. Even live animals and works of art can be covered by a carnet.

Many Professionals Use a Carnet in Everyday Life

Many areas of professional employment would be difficult or impossible without the convenience of a carnet. Symphony orchestras and bands can travel without paying duties on their instruments. Art dealers and exhibitors can move freely without tax penalties. Medical professionals can cross international borders with elaborate surgical equipment. Trade show exhibitors can share their products in a wide variety of countries. A carnet gives freedom of movement to you and your valuable goods. Carnet insurance can add peace of mind. Consult an insurance professional today to find out more about your options.



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Why You Need Errors and Omissions Insurance for Your Real Estate Agency

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Real Estate Agents

Everybody makes mistakes, even real estate agents. That is why errors and omissions insurance for real estate agents is so important. This type of insurance will help pay for any legal fees or lawsuits levied against your company or your employees. Why is this coverage so crucial?

Accidents Do Happen

Mistakes need to be planned for. Everyone makes mistakes now and then. Planning ahead and making sure that your agency will survive a lawsuit is very important. No matter if the mistake was accidental or intentional, errors and omissions insurance is there to help. Even if your agents are absolutely perfect, unfounded claim can be filed against you. Being able to pay the legal fees necessary to prove you innocence is extremely important in that case.

Pays for Many Different Legal Necessities

Even if the lawsuit is unfounded, there can still be legal fees incurred, such as lawyer fees and administrative expenses. If the case needs to be pursued further, errors and omissions insurance can even cover court fees, expert witness fees, and many other costly necessities. In the event you are found liable, a policy could even pay the damages to the accuser.

Errors and omissions insurance for real estate agents is an absolute must for anyone working in the field. Making sure that you are covered in the event of a lawsuit being filed will allow you to keep your company afloat during hard times.


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