Month: January 2015

3 Key Things to Look for in Your Insurance Company

Tri-State Insurance

There are many great characteristics that quality insurance companies such as personal insurance possess that make them a great choice for your insurance needs. When considering a provider, there are 3 key things that you should look for.

  1. Strong Track Record
    A quality insurance provider earns that title by providing excellent service to many people, usually over a long period of time. By doing your research on the company, including reading reviews, you will be able to properly gauge the company’s track record.
  2. Quality CoverageDifferent insurers offer a variety of coverage options with different degrees of coverage. Though one plan may offer more coverage options than another, the scope of the coverage may be limited and not provide coverage to the extent that you need.
  3. Exceptional AssistanceAll your benefits will serve you no purpose if you do not know how to use them. You should make sure that you choose an insurer such as Tri-State Insurance who cares and will be there every step of the way to not only explain different parts of your policy, but who will also keep you up to date on any changes and assist you in the case that you have a claim.

If the provider you are considering has a strong track record, provides quality coverage, and offers exceptional assistance, you can rest assured that they are a quality insurance company.


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Insurance Agencies Help You Watch Over Your Family and Home

Insurance Agents Virginia

Having insurance means protecting your family as well as your financial assets. Insurance agents in Virginia can help you secure homeowners, automobile, and boat insurance. They will work with you to create a policy that contains the right level of coverage.

Look After Your Family By Acquiring Life Insurance

Life insurance will protect your family in the event of your death. It is used to pay medical expenses, funeral expenses, and any other debts. There are several types of life insurance, and an agent can help you choose the most appropriate one. Some of the common types offered include universal life, term life, and whole life insurance.

Homeowners Insurance Offers Thorough Protection

In addition to life insurance, a company can also provide you with coverage for your home. Homeowners insurance is what protects you in the event your house is damaged due to poor weather, fire, or burglary. There are several different forms of homeowners insurance. Insurance agents in Virginia can supply you with a suitable policy by evaluating your specific needs.

Secure Coverage Today

Insurance agents in Virginia are available to help you manage your financial future. No matter whether you want boat insurance or life insurance, they are capable of finding the appropriate solution. Once you have secured a policy, you can gain peace-of-mind knowing that your family and assets are thoroughly protected.


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Five Key Components of Disability Insurance for Doctors

Disability Insurance Doctors

There are many aspects of disability insurance for doctors, but most plans have certain elements in common. An individual plan should reflect both your current career and your vision of the future. A firm grasp of the basics may help you choose a plan that best meets your needs and values. Here are five key components to consider.

Benefit Amount

The base benefit is generally described as the maximum monthly dollar amount paid out. This number is determined by the physicians monthly income at the time of the policy application.

Elimination Period

This is the period of time between the initial date of the disability and when benefits begin. Disability insurance for doctors typically offers periods of 30, 60, 90, 180 and 365 days for the elimination period. Most doctors choose the 90 day option. Raising it from 90 to 180 days usually reduces the premium by less than 5%, while lowering it from 90 to 60 days more than doubles the premium.

Benefit Period

The length of time a benefit will be paid to the doctor is the benefit period. Increments of two, five or 10 years to age 65, 67 or 70 are common.

Residual Benefit

The other term for this is a partial benefit, which pays out for a partial disability resulting in a 20% or more loss of income.

Future Insurability Option

If you are purchasing a policy when starting out, and expect a large increase in your future income, this may be an important option.


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Insurance and Your Unoccupied or Vacant Dwelling

Aegis Insurers

The risks to your homeowners policy is higher during times when your home is empty. Therefore, your insurance company will likely require notification if your home will be unoccupied or vacant for a period of time, such as 30 days. There are slight shades of difference between the terms unoccupied and vacant. Unoccupied generally means that the home is temporarily empty and that the owner will be returning. A vacant dwelling has no current occupant. Insurance companies view these differently and have much more rigid requirements for a vacant dwelling, if they will cover them at all. Aegis Insurers has a great deal of experience in this niche market and can tailor a policy to meet your needs.

Reasons Why a House May Be Empty

There are many reasons why a residence may be unoccupied. Some of the more common are:

  • The owners are snowbirds, spending six months in the North and six months in the South
  • The owners could be on an extended vacation
  • The house may be undergoing renovation
  • The house may be for sale

Whatever the reason for the lack of occupancy, you need to make sure that your investment is protected by your homeowners insurance or by a separate Unoccupied Home Insurance Policy.

Risks to an Empty House

Some of the increased risks to an empty house are the danger of pipes bursting in the winter, the risk of break-ins or vandalism, fire or explosion, wind or hail damage, and other catastrophic weather-related damage. Contact an expert in the field, such as Aegis Insurers, to discuss your coverage needs and provide you with sleep insurance.


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CAAs Are Supported By Solid Insurance Coverage

Insurance for CAAs

Community action agencies are some of the hardest working organizations around. The work undertaken by these organizations deserves to be supported at every step. CAAs can safeguard their operations — and protect the people they serve — by selecting comprehensive insurance for CAAs. Specially designed programs will provide your agency with the lines of coverage required to support the work you do. Without insurance, you run the risk of operational interruption, service interruption, financial loss, and many other avoidable problems.

Programs Designed With You in Mind

Insurance for CAAs is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. This is due in large part to the diverse nature of the work done by community action agencies. This is why working with an insurance company that understands your needs is so important. Insurance companies that have made the effort to design these programs will be able to meet your coverage needs with features such as:

  • Automobile liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Property and inland marine
  • Accident insurance
  • Professional liability
  • Sexual abuse liability

Close the Coverage Gaps

General business insurance programs are not likely to meet your needs in the same way as a program intended for CAAs will. Choosing an insurance program that is not suited to your organization is likely to leave you with coverage gaps that leave you vulnerable to loss. An insurance agent can help you identify gaps in your current coverage and recommend a more comprehensive strategy.


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How to Find a Charity Insurance Agent

Insurance Charities

Insurance for charities is all but essential for making sure that non-profit organizations run smoothly and don’t encounter crippling financial difficulties. Even small organizations devoted to working for the greater good can run into legal problems related to accidents on the part of the charity or other major expenses.

Choosing an insurance for charities agent can present a challenge since this is a relatively small insurance niche. However, finding the right agent is important because it ensures you get the bust possible policy for the cost. Here’s what to look for.


Make sure the agent has experience working with charities. Creating a policy for a non-profit is much different than creating one for an individual or even a for-profit business and it helps to have someone who knows what’s needed.

Risk Management

Find out if the agent provides risk management information. Risk management gives ideas to make your organization safer and more secure, lowering the cost of your insurance premiums in the bargain.


Make sure the agent seems interested in you and your business. Choose an agent who you know will have enough time to devote to your policy, not one who is already overloaded with other clients.

If you are unsure of how to begin looking for an insurance agent, consider contacting an agency that specializes in insurance for charities.


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Find Peace of Mind with Comprehensive Insurance

Rehabilitation Insurance

Choosing the correct insurance policies for a behavioral healthcare organization can be a complicated endeavor. Understanding the different kinds of insurance a specific organization requires is one of the first steps to making the best decision.

Rehabilitation Insurance

There are many different kinds of rehabilitation facilities. Some facilities serve active, relatively adjusted patients while others serve patients who require significant around-the-clock care. The amount of outdoor public space at a facility may affect certain premiums, while the number of doctors on staff may affect other insurance costs. If a facility frequently transports its patients or visitors in company vehicles, they need to take their vehicle insurance into account when factoring their rehabilitation insurance strategy. The condition of the buildings themselves can also affect bottom line insurance costs.

Unique Exposures Require Unique Agencies

Behavioral healthcare specialists have come up with several innovative treatment facilities to treat a wide variety of conditions in unique ways that take the patients’ needs into consideration. The best insurance companies work in a similar way. When shopping for an insurance agent to help build the best insurance plan for a treatment center, look for agencies that specialize in working with behavioral healthcare professionals. These agencies know best how to cover the unique exposures faced by today’s innovative treatment facilities and will be more able to discuss any questions than agencies who are less familiar with a treatment center’s goals and concerns.


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Safeguard Your Income With Disability Insurance for Physicians

Disability Insurance for Physicians

Disability insurance for physicians has become highly specialized in recent years. It’s important to make sure you are completely covered if you become unable to work due to an injury or illness. When choosing disability insurance, you may not be aware of these two finer points that will protect your future finances.

Own-specialty coverage specifies the unique duties of your medical specialty. This is important because after an injury, you may still be able to practice medicine but not in the specialized field of your advanced training. It is the difference between being totally or partially disabled, which affects your benefit amount. Make sure you classify your practice to get the right benefits for you.

You should know if your disability benefits are taxable or not. This gives you the knowledge of a realistic benefit payout in the worst case scenario. The main factor that determines this is whether the premiums are paid for with pre-tax or after-tax dollars, but you do need to ask your insurance representative and financial specialist for specific details for your state and policy. Paying taxes out of your benefits will make a significant dent in the expected amount you receive.

You know the importance of disability insurance for physicians. Understanding the details about your coverage helps you protect your financial future. Ask your insurance agent about your insurance and don’t get caught unprepared.


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Cyber-Security: An Ever Growing Threat for Law Firms

Cyber-Security: An Ever Growing Threat for Law Firms

Your computer makes your job much easier as a lawyer, but it also presents more vulnerability for you. With trade secrets, intellectual property, and corporate strategies that come into your firm through email and documentation, you have to maintain security and prevent hackers from reaching that valuable data. Ask your insurance agent if your law firm malpractice insurance covers cyber security breaches to have peace of mind.

Your insurance company knows how to address the security threats through electronic devices. If your attorneys access the firm’s network through their mobile devices without restrictions, you are extremely vulnerable to attacks, especially if a phone is stolen. Your firm needs to implement strong best practices to your electronic data, but you should consider a cyber liability policy in addition to your law firm malpractice insurance.

Don’t wait until after you’ve been hacked to find out what your law firm malpractice insurance covers after a data breach. It is expensive to clean up after a security intrusion, and you could lose clients who do not trust you any longer. The costs could cripple your business for many years, and you may never regain your reputation.

Learn how to protect the valuable information your firm handles and get insurance to cover your damages. Security breaches are increasing every year, and you don’t want your firm to be the next business on the news.


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How Insurance Companies Can Use Content Marketing for Generating Leads

Digital Insurance Marketing

Insurance companies have to market their agency just like any other business. The insurance sector, after all, is a highly competitive field. When it comes to auto insurance, for example, some states have close to 200 active companies, including both state and nationwide agencies. This is why businesses need to have a strong online presence, and one way to do this is through digital insurance marketing.

Content Is King

Even local insurance agencies should have a website. To drive traffic to the site, Web operators need to create content and lots of it. This is done for SEO purposes but also to create informative content for demographic readers. Content should be created for the following platforms:

  • Internal blog
  • Guest blogs
  • Article directories
  • Social media

What Insurance-Related Pieces Should Consist Of

Regardless of where you post your content, it should never be promotional. Instead, make it informative. Some ideas for topics include:

  • Steps to take before filing a claim
  • Factors to consider when choosing an insurance
  • What you should do when shopping for an insurance company

With your digital insurance marketing campaign catered towards your key audience, they will more likely look to your company as a reliable source. This is far more effective than if you were to create content that is purely promotional in nature.


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