Month: April 2013

To Earn Additional Income, Staffing Agencies Must Dig Deeper

Job industry experts stay abreast of trends in the contract employment marketplace, and some have predicted trends that they say will be commonplace in the industry in the coming months and years–the most widespread being that of specialization and a deeper, developed relationship between prospective employees and the counselors who place them in various positions. As a result, these changes could even have some bearing on the staffing agency insurance program that your firm will need to have in place.

In-depth knowledge of the people in a particular niche

Consider that the job market is increasingly requiring specialized, unique skills sets for certain high-paying jobs. Employment firms will naturally tend to develop areas of specialty themselves as they come to understand the type of workers whose background, education, and experience will offer the best match for an employer. For example, your firm may develop a niche ability to find just the right talent for texture matte artists, animators who are skilled in 3-D or lighting, or Java programmers within a target area. Your counselors will hone a sense of the abilities of many of these individuals, and even learn to rank those abilities as their degree of importance becomes apparent over time when placing employees at various companies. The counselors become specialists themselves, not only about the industry but about the talent pool currently available for that industry, and will have detailed knowledge of each prospect’s accomplishments, his or her employment history, and where each prospect dreams of working. This additional depth of knowledge only comes over time, and is just as helpful for the client companies that your firm supplies employees to as it is for the prospects that your counselors are placing.

Prospects and hiring companies can receive guarantees

Firms may become more like talent agents, coaching their prospects and encouraging growth, providing feedback, and matching them carefully with companies where they can not only perform the job at hand but enjoy career development and the type of benefits and other support that they desire. Long-term career counseling and a continuing a relationship with the employee after the hire is arranged may become the norm. Your firm could even back the quality of its placements by offering a guarantee to the hiring company and/or the prospect, which in turn could enable the firm to charge higher fees for its guaranteed placements. If so, you will want to spend even more time on reviewing prospects’ personal background and confirming their skills, education, and work experience, and develop additional review procedures designed to protect your firm, the hiring organizations, and prospects alike.

Talk to a professional agent about staffing agency insurance and the practices that your firm utilizes in placing employees that may have a positive effect on the premiums you pay today and down the road.

The Construction Bidding Process

As a contractor, you know the first step in any project is to bid construction. There is no set way on how to bid for construction project, but coming up with the most accurate cost estimate is one way to ensure that the job will be profitable in the end.

In the traditional method of selecting a contractor, an architectural firm is hired by the property owner to develop a design for the building or project. Once that design is completed and approved by the client, the architect then puts the design out for construction contract bids.

The way the construction bid process works is the general contractor (and, in some cases, the architect), is selected to work on a project. In some cases, your qualifications are as important, if not more important, than having the lowest dollar amount. Still, a large percentage of the time presenting the lowest price to the owner will often be a deciding factor. In any case, one of the first things they will want to see is your construction insurance CT and bond permit.

How to bid construction projects

If you do not know how to bid construction jobs, it’ll be challenging to turn a profit. The best way to bid construction jobs is to allow a capable estimator with years of experience to come up with the best (and lowest) possible cost. You can purchase construction bid software and install it on your computers, or it can be web-based. Construction bid software can be very general, covering the entire project, or it can be highly specific, depending on your needs.

There are programs aimed at certain segments of the construction industry:

  • Residential
  • General
  • Heavy construction
  • Carpentry estimating
  • Conceptual estimating
  • Concrete estimating, and
  • Insurance claims estimating, to name a few

To enhance the online construction bid, there are software programs specializing in plumbing, piping and HVAC, as well as repair and remodeling tasks. By using these software programs that develop budgets and establish cost baselines you are able to keep track of the financial status on a daily or hourly basis.

All budgetary information is stored in one location and is easily accessed, contrary to when it was manually placed in separate files. The likelihood of errors is also far less than it would be if the computations were done by hand, which makes this a major step in ensuring commercial success.

This is the basis on which many construction companies are hired to serve as the primary contractor on a project. Without a construction bid proposal, there would be no way to establish the overall cost of a project. Should things go awry, and they can through misunderstandings, or the inability to finish a project as promised, you will need construction insurance as a means of dealing with any issues that arise.

Motivating Your Insurance Telemarketing Staff

Telemarketers (unlike outside salespeople who have face-to-face contact with customers) sell their companies’ products primarily by phone. Because of the highly competitive nature of the insurance business, insurance telemarketing requires making high volumes of calls each day in order to meet demanding performance goals. For this reason alone, the telemarketing industry has a high turnover rate, making it difficult to keep a competent and satisfied workforce. Retaining your telemarketer employees, however, is possible; you just have to keep them motivated.
Reward employees who outperform


One way to reward the efforts of your hard working staff is to post the names of your telemarketing team members who have met and exceeded performance goals on a wall of the office. Send out a mass email announcing their success. Take them out to lunch as a token of your gratitude for their contributions to the company’s success. Stimulate a collaborative work environment by encouraging others in the company to personally congratulate the telemarketers who have worked so hard.


Promote from within


Offer frequent promotion assessments to high-performing telemarketing staff, so they know they’re on a track to moving up within the organization. Appoint high-performing employees to supervisory roles. Prepare employees who have been promoted to supervisors for management-level positions. When they know their dedication will help them move up in the chain of command they won’t become complacent and will strive to be part of a growing business. This will give them an understanding that insurance telemarketing is the first step to what can be a rewarding career.


Offer educational opportunities to your employees that enable them to develop their computer and other business skills. You can also reward your hardest-working employees with gift certificates for off-site continuing education classes. By encouraging them to learn more about the different aspects of the business, they will be more likely to consider this a career, as opposed to just a short-term job. Some employees will catch on quicker and have a better grasp of what is required to do the job. In order to retain low-performing employees you might want to consider personalized coaching and training.


Invite telemarketing staff to off-site recreational events where they have a chance to bond outside of the office. This will make their job experience more fun and less restrictive. It will also give them a chance, outside of the office, to get to know their bosses and managers on a more personal level, which will also strengthen their commitment to the organization. Host an annual holiday party at a restaurant or hotel, so your staff feels valued as part of a dynamic company.


Coverage Protects Business When Incident Forces Closure

Recently a terrifying robbery had a local mall on lockdown and everyone (business owners in particular) watching and wondering what they would do in the situation: At a high-end department store that anchored the mall, three gunmen entered just before closing. Sales staff and customers were taken hostage; the gunmen ransacked the store, raided cash registers, sprayed bullets all over the store and wreaked other damage, and to make matters worse, physically assaulted one of the female sales staff and shot another one in the leg.

The gunmen initially escaped, yet the store was shut down while police investigated the crime scene. Even after the investigators cleared out, the store was shuttered while management arranged for care for the injured staff members, handled cleanup and repairs, and addressed the delicate task of reassuring employees and the public that it was safe to return to the store. Even so, it was weeks before normal traffic levels resumed at the location. Those weeks of downtime and the slow return to normalcy could have caused a financial disaster for the store, but fortunately the “gross profits” coverage in the store’sbusiness interruption insurance policy started from the day the claim began (the robbery), until the store’s profitability returned to the level it was at just prior to the claim, while the “gross earnings” portion of the policy covered ordinary payroll for employees during the claim period.

Of course, physical safety is of paramount importance for everyone—but secondarily, you’ll want to ensure your company can survive an incident like this as well. Talk to a professional insurance agent about business interruption insurance for your operation. Whether the closure results from a robbery, a fire, or other major incident, having the right protection in place before the claim occurs could save you in the event your sales are stalled for any length of time.


Business Insurance is Good Business Sense

Many businesses are either underinsured or over insured. A good insurance representative can present several different scenarios for your operation to consider the business insurance PA protection you need to purchase. Conducting a risk analysis of your assets and liabilities will help you decide which areas are important enough to be insured, or might cost you too much money if they were to remain uninsured.

When doing a risk analysis of your business, think about all aspects, including your property, building, equipment, and even personnel. Businesses need to determine where they are most vulnerable. You will want to insure the actual building if you own it and all the contents of the building with property insurance. Remember to always insure your equipment, not only for the value of the equipment, but against employee theft as well. General liability protects your business from third party claims of injury or property damage. An umbrella insurance policy is extra liability insurance that protects you if you are sued, and workers compensation protects your most valuable asset – your employees – in the event of an on-the-job injury or accident. Remember, purchasing the right kind of business insurance can mean the difference between running a long and prosperous business and complete financial ruin.


You also need to understand the state and local laws as well as federal laws for businesses when you are looking to buy insurance. This can be hard because state and local laws are constantly changing. When starting up a business, one of the best business insurance tips is to buy insurance as quickly as possible, so you can protect your business against accidents and damages to your company. To reduce the risk of accidents or damage against your business, you can install security systems, fence off your property so people won’t get injured, get rid of any potential risks at your business, and be sure to screen employees very thoroughly to guard against employee theft.


Another important tip is to make sure the insurance company has a complete history of your business. This may provide lower insurance premiums for your business. It is also very important that you check the insurance information periodically to be sure everything is accurate. Any time you make changes to your business, it is extremely important that you recheck your business insurance policies for possible changes that need to be made. Otherwise, your business may not be covered as completely as you had planned.

What Umbrella Group Insurance Policies Can Do

Individual liability policies provide private individuals with protections above and beyond that included with a standard insurance policy.  Group Umbrellla Insurance in Westchester New York gives the same kind of security to many individuals at the same time.  This kind of policy is often purchased by professional organizations who wish to add an extra layer of insurance protection to the people working for them.

Group Umbrellla Insurance Westchester New York Making Sense of Group Umbrella Policies

Umbrella insurance or umbrella liability refers to a wide-ranging form of liability protection that increases the dollar amount of all lines of coverage present in an existing policy.  A group policy is one that distributes individual risk across a broad population of people so the overall cost of insurance is more affordable.  Thus, Group Umbrellla Insurance in Westchester New York gives the advantages of excess liability coverage to a large group of people while still being an affordable insurance option.

The Unique Advantages of Group Umbrella Policies

The benefits of having Group Umbrellla Insurance in Westchester New York don’t end with affordability and added protection.  An umbrella policy extends any existing coverage to assets that may not be covered in the initial policy; this can include off-site property holdings and similar assets.  Group policy premiums can be easily deducted through standard payroll procedures at the same time that other deductions are made.  All the benefits of this policy will go to work immediately without anyone being inconvenienced.

Just as a group health insurance policy benefits an entire organization, so does a group umbrella policy.  Employees and off-site assets can all be protected at a reasonable rate by one of these convenient policies.