Production Insurance

production insurance

It may seem cliche to say that everything in the production industry must work together like little cogs in a big machine, but it is true. The complexity of running a production is even more challenging than running any other business because there is no uniform production line. There are few predictable elements, with so many other organizations and individuals involved to make your production successful, and you need production insurance that can accommodate that.

Each production is unique whether you are involved in television, movie or DICE productions. You have to plan for any kinks and you need an insurer that understands your needs. It doesn’t help when few insurance companies even understand your questions when you call but there are insurance companies that specialize in coverage for a wide variety of productions. What should you look for in an insurer?

Your production is highly specialized and you need a highly specialized insurer. You’re not going to get production insurance from the company that insures your home or your car. Look for a company that has experience providing insurance for events of all types: sports, entertainment, live events, non-live events. From their specialized experience, they understand how small things, like traffic or equipment breakage, can lead to big delays. The right company will not have a drop-down menu of event risks and will be able to work with non-traditional risks associated with your unique production.